Captivate your audience with powerfully innovative signage systems designed to engage.

Enterprises using IoT data in digital marketing campaigns are better positioned to reach their goals and generate quantifiable ROI.

Meet your customers where they are. Interact with your customers over mobile, signage displays and kiosks as they journey on your network. Get real-time Kloudspot insight into the experience of WiFi users at each touchpoint. Dramatically increase the effectiveness and impact of your brand by offering your customers the right information and interactions. Analyze how they react to your product, brand, business or service.

Intelligent advertising

Harness data analytics and artificial intelligence to understand and anticipate audience intent. Target advertising based on where the audience will probably go instead of where they went.

Optimize creatives based on target audience.

Plug and Play advertising systems with easy, remote cloud management

Convert any digital display into a cloud managed signage system. Manage global signages from a single location. Achieve efficiency in operations.

Multi Format, Multi Source Interface Design Tool

Along with the WiFi connectivity, Kloudspot enables businesses to deliver smart, meaningful information, entertainment and relevant advertising to their guests.

Businesses can create easily custom interfaces using the Kloudspot Admin interfaces. Integrate content from third party sources such as weather, stock information, news, music and video content.

Incorporate ad campaigns into the content, using rules engine and scheduler.


Campaign Designer and Scheduler

Schedule your campaigns to trigger like clockwork. Plan your campaign updates in advance using the easy to use form calendar. The Scheduling Calendar will automatically trigger updates to your signages at the time and date you have selected.

Additional sensor integrations can enable advanced modes such as triggering ad campaigns on events in the physical environment such as people appearing in front of the signage or if the crowd in the foodcourt area increases.

Deep integrations into CRM softwares can trigger personalized advertisements in appropriate areas such as hotel rooms and restaurant table top displays.

Integration with emergency services

Situation awareness is taken to the next level with Kloudspot's signage solutions.

Kloudspot platform enables integration of emergency notifications and signage information on standby which can be triggered to be shown on all the displays in times of emergency.

The display change to emergency notification can be automated through the rules engine by integrating it with the alarm system if required.

All the above is built on top of Kloudspot's Intelligent Self Driving Network Platform

To ensure the best experience for all stakeholders in the business, the Kloudspot platform is built on an enterprise grade networking solution which can be overlayed on top of almost any existing public and hybrid clouds. All aspects of the networking solution is software driven and can be securely and remotely managed from your desk.