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CryptoBnB partners with Kloudspot to enhance customer experience
February 2, 2018.

Short time rental service provider company CryptoBnB goes into partnership with Kloudspot to elevate customer experience to the next level. The Blockchain-enabled rental booking platform CryptoBnB realised the need to offer their users not just cutting-edge booking and payment facilities, but also unbeatable quality and comfort. Development of the common platform will start this April.


The world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day. The volume of communication and real time data feed has exploded in today’s digital world. CryptoBnB aims to harness this wealth of information using the technological solutions provided by Kloudspot, to eliminate any difficulties customers face during their stay. The partnership will create a content and communication ecosystem that enhances customer experience and drives additional revenues. The CEOs and management of both companies assert that the innovative step of leveraging disruptive technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will bridge the gap between customer expectation and service provision in the rentals market. CryptoBnB and Kloudspot will join forces to build the e-technology platform starting in April 2018.

Many hotel booking websites overexaggerate their services and amenities, resulting in false promises and even outright fake information. The discord between these raised expctations and the actual experience is a harsh reality check for hotel guests. When promised services are missing from the menu, customers are left feeling disgruntled, let down, frustrated and dissatisfied. CryptoBnB recognised this painpoint in the customer experience and aims to integrate technology into the short term rental segment to provide a Blockchain-enabled AirBnB-style platform for booking and payment that is free from the distortion of information created by middlemen. Additional customer benefits will be extended through Kloudspot’s data connectivity and customer engagement solutions.


CryptoBnB guests can look forward to a “touchless” Wi-Fi through the property’s login credentials and get access to unlimited data connectivity via Kloudspot’s exclusive in-house network, CryptoConnect. Enterprise-grade Wi-Fi connectivity with content management and hardware support through IoT will ensure that the customers have a pleasant stay. This comprehensive connectivity will allow the company to access real time user data feed, enabling them to suggest content and services tailored to unique customer behaviours, profiles or usage patterns. The Kloudspot technology will enable CryptoBnB to analyse and anticipate customer needs and suggest solutions that ensure a delightful stay.

Additional services via Kloudspot’s IoT applications will enable in-room automation such as keyless door access, and IR/IF transmitted in-room entertainment. Another value-added feature is that all complaints or service issues can be communicated immediately and handled as soon as it is identified. This will revolutionise customer service as it directly addresses most of the difficulties that guests face during their stay. What’s more, recorded historical data of customer behaviour and preferences will ensure that it is not just a one-time experience, but guests are assured a similar or a better experience each time they book through CryptoBnB.

CryptoConnect technology will enhance the effectiveness of end to end booking solutions provided by CryptoBnB, helping them engage better with their customers. Customers will also benefit from the responsive booking platform and management system that takes into account their unique requirements and behaviour patterns. This is a welcome step in the short term rental segment, as the interface platforms assure users of ethical services and greater value for money. Partnerships such as these between emerging technology majors promise to set the tone for businesses in the near future and are poised to change business infrastructure beyond imagination.

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