Press Kit
Kloudspot helps businesses in digital transformation by creating Intelligence Systems and Engagement Systems over cloud managed WiFi and sensor networks.

Kloudspot began by building a software defined networking solution to ensure networks were easy to install, monitor and manage and to ensure reliability at a global scale.
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning concepts were then used to create services to manage sensors and devices to gather intelligence from the physical world. Businesses use various third party solutions to run their business. In order to make digital transformation effective, Kloudspot built methods to integrate and correlate data from WiFi networks, from the sensors and from existing third party CRM and PMS systems with the client. Kloudspot's data analytics enables intelligence to be derived from these co-related data.

Kloudspot partners with leading service providers and businesses across the world to drive new business. By ensuring tools and support, we are committed to help our partners succeed and recognize them as an extension of our sales team.