Kloudspot Wins “Smart City Innovation Of The Year” Award In 2021 IoT Breakthrough Awards Program

January 11, 2020 | Los Angeles, California

IoT Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Internet-of-Things (IoT) market, today announced that Kloudspot, Inc., makers of the first network-enabled and cloud-based Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform, has been selected as the winner of the “Smart City Innovation of the Year” award in the 5th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program in recognition of their innovative technology and the City of Erie, PA Smart City project.

The Kloudspot Platform ingests data from any connected IoT source, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Environmental Sensors and cameras, and applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) as well as user defined security policy rules to predict actions and drive meaningful, physical engagements with constituents within any perimeter space such as city parks and other public spaces. One example is PPE detection and compliance. Kloudspot also delivers actionable insights to standard business productivity tools including Slack, Zoom, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and others.

With Kloudspot, cities are able to deliver more than just Wi-Fi services and traditional digital advertising programs. For example, through the innovative use of sensors to gather and digitize data from people and devices, Kloudspot converts the data into contextual location intelligence. Applications running on the Kloudspot Platform can deliver an array of smart city benefits, as well as create revenue streams for the city, deliver localized news and weather, deliver offers from local businesses, link to a city website and quickly enable local health and safety and traffic alerts.

“Kloudspot provides the ability to create a true ‘Smart City’ where multiple connected IoT devices are used to make a city safer, smarter and better prepared for any situation, with a ‘single pane of glass’ or dashboard to monitor and manage everything,” said Guillermo Diaz, Jr., Kloudspot CEO. “We’re proud to be recognized as a standout Smart City solution provider in the 2021 IoT Breakthrough Awards program, and we proudly share this award with our partner Quantela who developed the City of Erie deployment on the Kloudspot Platform.”

The mission of the IoT Breakthrough Awards program is to recognize the innovators, leaders and visionaries from around the globe in a range of IoT categories, including Industrial and Enterprise IoT, Smart City technology, Connected Home and Home Automation, Connected Car, and many more. This year’s program attracted more than 3,850 nominations from companies all over the world.

IOT Breakthrough Award 2021
“While other smart city solutions involve stitching together siloed solutions and closed technologies, Kloudspot breaks through the market by providing the only platform-based, network-enabled, cloud solution that fully creates a connected, ‘Smart City’,“ said James Johnson, managing director at IoT Breakthrough. “We extend our hearty congratulations to Kloudspot for breaking through the smart city market, and changing the way we live, work, learn and play in our own cities. We are proud to name Kloudspot as winner of the annual ‘Smart City Innovation of the Year’ award.”
Streamlining city services and driving revenue optimization are key benefits that Smart City applications built on the Kloudspot platform can deliver, including:
  • Smart Lighting – For energy efficiency and savings, maintenance savings and better asset management
  • Smart Parking – Provides revenue from Parking and Meter Violations Enhanced Data Analytics on usage, and Enforcement Officer Efficiencies
  • Smart City Wi-Fi & On-Boarding – Provides reliable Wi-Fi to Opportunity Zones, city communication and local news platforms, advertising revenue, small business support, and access to city services.
  • Smart City Signage – Provides interactive wayfinding, a city calendar and communication, local news, advertising revenue, small business support, and access to city services.
  • Smart City Video Analytics – Analyzes camera feeds for traffic patterns, citizen engagement, crime reporting, weapons and works in conjunction with Smart City Signage to support revenue opportunities.