Tech Helps Construction Companies Prepare for Disruptions

Various industries, and nearly all aspects of the supply chain are caught up in the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic situation. The construction industry is no exception.

Through the lockdown, construction employees – skilled workers, electricians, engineers and contractors – continue to build and maintain hospitals, homes, commercial buildings, retail outlets and critical infrastructure. They have been deployed to retrofit hospitals, hotels and buildings in response to the outbreak. To survive and thrive beyond Covid-19, the engineering and construction companies must find better ways to collect and analyze real-time data by deploying agile, cloud-based solutions.

Here are five ways technology can help the industry deal with Covid-19 and prepare for disruptions

1. Social distancing & proximity monitoring:

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based track and trace apps enhance workplace safety for construction workers, who are by necessity co-located. Companies can monitor worker interactions and help maintain proper social distancing. Analytics and historic data of worker interaction and movement can be used to trace and arrest the spread, in the event of an infected person on the premise.

2.Safety wear detection:

Cameras and AI-based video analytics screen for compliance with personal protective equipment (PPE), uniforms, masks and helmets.

3.Presence and movement tracking:

Camera, Wi-Fi and AI-based video analytics offer the perfect solution for intelligent movement tracking and facial recognition. The technology helps to manage worker check in and also verify their safe exit at the end of the workday.

4.Notification and alerts:

Construction companies can use digital displays to run safety and training videos and to screen emergency IPAWS alerts and life-saving information quickly.

5.Site safety:

Automatic non-contact mass screening thermal scanners combine advanced human body temperature measurement and AI facial recognition algorithms to provide added safety cover to construction sites. Temperature tracking and automatic saving of photographs of potentially infected individuals helps in the classification and implementation of safety measures.

These wireless solutions can be conveniently accessed through smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices. The data of field employees working in remote locations can be easily captured and shared. There is no better time than now for the construction companies to update data collection and analytic methods and boost their digital toolbox.

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