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For almost 30 years, the RSA Conference has been a driving force behind the world’s cybersecurity agenda, becoming a central point where people from around the world can gather to share, learn, and grow. Founded in 1991, it has grown into a global event that not only hosts educational and professional networking and awards programs, but has also become known as a forum for innovation and partnerships.

In 2019, the RSA Conference was held across two venues – Moscone Center and Marriot Marquis Hotel – hosting a total of 35,000 attendees. The challenge was threefold:

1. The RSA Conference needed to find a way to understand visitor behavior at each venue in order to improve engagement and conversions, and maximize event performance for attendees, exhibitors, and organizers
2. Attendees needed a frictionless experience while they visited booths, participated in training sessions, attended keynote talks and navigated the venues
3. Exhibitors needed a way to make sure they connected with the right audiences

The key to solving these challenges lay in intuitive real-time location analytics that could enable actionable insights at every moment during the event.

Partnering with the right platform

To achieve these outcomes, the RSA Conference turned to Kloudpsot’s Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform. This platform’s capabilities allowed organizers to collect and integrate data from on-site Wi-Fi providers, IoT sensors, and external data sources, such as Wi-Fi registration portals and event management CRM. This data was then correlated to gather valuable insights that assisted the RSA Conference owners with multiple areas of the event, including:

  • Wi-Fi network assurance
  • Visitor movement tracking
  • Exhibitor booth performance
  • Resource staffing and optimization
  • Contextual information & advertising
  • Robust event reports and insights panels

We are a hugely popular cybersecurity event, known worldwide. We need to understand our attendees’ behavior and interact with them real time in a meaningful way so that exhibitors, attendees, and we – the event owners – make the most of the event

– Sandra Toms, Vice President and Curator, RSA Conference


Keeping track of the conference

With nearly 14,000 people on the venues’ Wi-Fi, the RSA Conference needed to ensure seamless, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. This was achieved by integrating the venue’s Wi-Fi network with Kloudspot’s software-defined wireless network to create a heat-map showing the density, and movement, of attendees across the entire venue. When an area became busy, i.e. during keynote talks, the data connectivity was automatically adjusted to adapt to the increased usage with minimal interruption.

The customizable Wi-Fi guest portal also meant the RSA Conference was able to connect with attendees to keep them informed, and to deliver contextual advertising based on their location, job title, and behavior during the conference – increasing engagement and ROI for advertisers. This information could also be sent to attendees via email, SMS, and digital displays.

In addition to the Wi-Fi capabilities, Kloudspot were also able to recognize attendee intent, precision movement, and dwell-time through the use of passive IoT sensors, called KloudSensors. These sensors translated physical movements and actions into digital data that was then fed into Kloudspot’s Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform. Kloudspot then compiled this movement data with data from attendee badge types, employees, service providers, and the press, and used the resulting information to provide the RSA Conference organizers with real-time insights into attendee behavior and intent, and booth attendance.

Getting boots into booths

One of the key objectives of the RSA Conference was to make sure every exhibitor booth attracted its expected share of attendee traffic and experienced meaningful interactions. So, Kloudspot equipped the RSA Conference with real-time data on booth attendance across different zones, and the types of attendees, providing insights into the movement of people by title and key job function. This meant that organizers could quickly identify cold-zones or booths that were receiving less-than-expected traffic and implement corrective measures to improve footfall.

Kloudspot was also able to provide attendance data for key events, such as keynote talks, product launches, and brand promotions

Turning insights into actions

The data gathered on attendee behavior, booth attendance, and dwell-time in the various booths didn’t just allow the RSA Conference owners to improve booth performance for exhibitors, it also provided valuable insights into industry objectives, needs, and preferences. For example, CTs and CISOs visiting a particular technology booth provided insights into industry preference for certain technologies, as well as an indicator of potential focus areas for upcoming events. These insights meant that the RSA Conference was able to gather valuable metrics on expectations and the experiences of attendees, exhibitors, and service providers – enabling them to optimize their offerings and services going forward.

Furthermore, real-time reports on attendee traffic, crowd congregation, and attendee density by time, day, and week, helped everyone involved plan their resources, adjust staffing levels, and calculate service pricing.

Kloudspot was excited to work with the RSA Conference team once again this year. Because Kloudspot’s platform can massively scale, we were able to track hundreds of events per second and provide key, actionable insights in real time. This allowed the RSA Conference managers to provide unique, individualized experiences to their attendees and exhibitors.

– John Bow, Vice President – Sales, Kloudspot


An amazing experience for all

RSA Conference organizers wanted to create an amazing experience that benefited attendees, exhibitors, and themselves. Kloudspot provided the technology platform that helped make this happen. By making data-driven decisions based on real-time analytics, the RSA Conference were able to transform the way they conducted this event and all those to come in the future.

Kloudspot’s situation awareness and engagement platform provided deep, actionable insights that meant the RSA Conference was able to improve performance and engagement in real-time during the 2019 event, and take away valuable learnings that could help them continue to deliver amazing experiences in the years to come.

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