Maximizing Event Performance through Better Customer Understanding

For almost 30 years, RSA Conference has been a driving force behind the world’s cybersecurity agenda. The central point where people from around the world gather to share, learn and grow. And the place that provides a forum for innovation and partnership. The global event, founded in 1991 also hosts educational and professional networking, and awards programs.



RSA Conferences

Event Management

To understand visitor behavior in order to improve engagement and conversions at the venue, and maximize event performance for attendees, exhibitors, and the organizer.

Use the unique capabilities of Kloudspot’s situational awareness and engagement platform to:

  • Understand attendee profiles
  • Translate physical visitor actions into digital patterns
  • Derive attendee intent
  • Engage attendees
  • Analyze event performance
  • Extract business intelligence for higher ROI

Footfall &
Capture Rate

Analytics &


Visitor Behavior
& Intent

Deep insights into event performance through:

  • Attendee profiles and intent
  • Exhibitor booth performance
  • Contextual attendee engagement
  • Detailed reports
“We are a hugely popular cybersecurity event, known worldwide. We need to understand our attendees’ behavior and interact with them real time in a meaningful way so that exhibitors, attendees, and we – the event owners – make the most of the event.”

The Challenge

To understand visitor behavior in order to improve engagement and conversions at the venue, and maximize event performance for attendees, exhibitors, and the organizer.

The Solution

Key to solve this challenge is intuitive real-time location analytics that will enable actionable insights.

Event attendees want a frictionless experience while visiting booths, participating in training sessions, attending keynote talks and finding their way around conferences. Exhibitors want visitors to discover them and be able to connect with the right audience. RSA Conference turned to Kloudspot to help them guide attendees meaningfully to the right exhibitors, and generate good ROI for the exhibitors, advertisers, and themselves.

Data Visualization of Visitor Traffic Provides Deep Business Insights

Kloudspot assisted RSA Conference with its situation awareness platform. The solution integrates data from on-site Wi-Fi providers, IoT sensors, and external data sources such as Wi-Fi registration portal and event management CRM. Data is then correlated to gather insights that help RSA Conference in multiple areas such as:

  • Wi-fi network assurance
  • Visitor movement tracking
  • Exhibitor booth performance
  • Resource staffing and optimization
  • Contextual information & advertising
  • Robust event reports and insights panels
Visitor distribution heat-maps with timeline playback option

Wi-Fi Network Assurance
RSA Conference had a goal of providing seamless, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity across the entire venue. This was achieved by integrating the venue Wi-Fi network with Kloudspot’s software-defined wireless that heat-maps the density and movement of attendees across the venue and automatically adjusts data connectivity in busy zones such as keynotes and conferences.

Movement Analytics to Understand Visitor Intent
In order to recognize attendee intent, precision movement and dwell-time, monitoring becomes necessary. For this, Kloudspot deployed additional passive IoT sensors (KloudSensors) which translate physical movements and actions of attendees on the premise to digital data that is fed into the Kloudspot situation awareness platform. Kloudspot then compiles this movement data along with data from attendee badge types, employees, service providers, and the press in order to provide real-time insights into attendee behavior, attendee intent, and booth attendance.

On the ground, this translated into:

Booth Performance and Attendance
One of the key objectives of RSA Conference was to make sure every exhibitor booth was able to attract its expected share of attendee traffic and collaboration happened in the most meaningful way possible. Kloudspot equipped RSA Conference with real-time data on booth attendance across different zones, along with attendee types, providing insights into movement of attendees by title and key job function. This real-time data enabled the organizers to quickly identify cold-zones or booths that were receiving less than expected traffic, and implement corrective measures to improve footfall. Kloudspot was also able to provide attendance data for key events such as keynote talks, product launches, and brand promotions.

“Kloudspot was excited to work with the RSA Conference team once again this year. Because Kloudspot's platform can massively scale, we were able to track hundreds of events per second and provide key, actionable insights in real-time. This allowed the RSA Conference managers to provide unique, individualized experiences to their attendees and exhibitors.”

Resource and Staffing Optimization
Kloudspot delivered real-time reports on attendee traffic, crowd congregation, and attendee density by time, day, and week. This helped the organizer, RSA Conference, as well as exhibitors and service providers plan their resources, optimize staffing levels, and calculate service pricing.

Information Dissemination and Advertising
Kloudspot also provided RSA Conference the ability to connect with attendees over a customizable Wi-Fi guest portal, as well as through email, SMS, and digital displays. This helped them keep attendees informed, and generated revenue through brand advertising and promotions.

Robust Event Reports and Insight Panels
The RSA Conference 2019 was held across two venues – Moscone Center and Marriot Marquis Hotel. Of the 35,000 attendees, nearly 14,000 hopped on to the Wi-Fi and registered. The event was attended by corporate leaders such as CISOs, CTOs, CEOs, and saw participation from a wide range of job functions such as engineering, marketing, sales and operations. Using the data on attendee behavior, booth attendance, and dwell-time in various booths, the Kloudspot situation awareness platform was able to provide insights into industry objectives, needs, and preferences. For example, CTOs and CISOs visiting a particular technology booth provided insights into industry preference for certain technologies as well as an indicator of potential focus areas for upcoming events. These insights provided RSA Conference with valuable metrics on expectations and experience of attendees, exhibitors, and service providers, thereby improving their offerings and services.


RSA Conference’s objective was to create an amazing experience that benefited attendees, exhibitors, and themselves. Kloudspot provided the technology platform that enabled data driven decision-making using real-time analytics that transformed the way they conducted conferences. With Kloudspot’s situation awareness and engagement platform, RSA Conferences 2019 could offer a robust conference experience to exhibitors and attendees by delivering the following contextual services:

• Real-time location analytics
• Attendee behavior & expectations insights
• Industry & consumer panels behavior patterns
• Contextual messaging and advertising support
• On-premise way finder assistance
• Wi-Fi guest portals