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If you’re really lucky, maybe once in your career you’ll have an opportunity to help drive a major technology disruption that truly changes the way people live, work, learn and play. Kloudspot is that opportunity. Are you ready?

What kloudspotters say

I love working with smart, caring, truly good humans who have come together to help the world reopen in a safe, sustainable and innovative way.

– Alli Srinivas, UX Developer




our values


Technology innovation sits at the core of who we are and what we do. But at Kloudspot, innovation goes beyond the technology. It extends to our people, our customers, our partners and the vast ecosystem we’ve built. We hire smart people and enable them to innovate.

our values


Every location, at every moment, yields an opportunity to connect with the people and data around us. Creating and strengthening those connections to personalize interactions, support one another, and make every day a little better is what drives us.

our values


Caring is at our core. Caring for each other. Caring for our customers. Caring for our partners. And caring for the world at large. At Kloudspot, we walk a mile in our customers’ shoes before starting to solve their problems. Outside in is our world view. What’s yours?

our values


Kloudspotters believe inclusion expands beyond race, gender and religion. It permeates the very fabric of who we are, and how we think about the world, our customers and our technology.

Respecting all values, cultures and opinions is part of our collaborative DNA and enables us to deliver truly world class deployments with heart. Sound like home to you?

why work with Kloudspot?


work-life balance

Really? At a tech start-up? Yep. We don’t offer it, we require it! Because happy, balanced employees show up every day ready to deliver the best, most creative work possible. Need a rest? Take one. At Kloudspot your opportunities are unlimited and so is your PTO.


Welcome to the new normal, where the hybrid office environment rules, and the clock is running 24/7. With employees, customers and partners around the globe we provide a truly agile work environment. Stay connected wherever, whenever with whomever.


Competitive compensation plus comprehensive health, vision, and dental coverage. Unlimited PTO – and we mean it. Well stocked kitchens with all the snacks you need to fuel creativity. Plus, you’ll get to play with the platform daily and see Kloudspot in action!


In the famous words of Sheryl Sandberg, “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” Kloudspot brings together ambitious thrill-seekers at every career stage. Here you’ll have the freedom to fail fast and learn more, the opportunity to evolve as you build your career path, and a leadership team that wants to see you win.


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