5 Ways to implement your plans for a smooth return to the office with Kloudspot.

Provide in-office and remote employees the flexibility and engagement they want through common virtual office experiences.

Hybrid work experiences are much more than just combining physical location options with remote collaboration tools. It’s about creating new workspaces that are safe, engaging, and collaborative. Hybrid work designed with data, insights, and metrics delivers flexible spaces with real cost savings. Kloudspot hybrid work solutions bring the context you need to reframe your workspaces. Today and tomorrow.

We created this guide for anyone who needs to implement a flexible work policy and build a strong inclusive workplace culture. Please feel free to pass this on to your team members as well.

Ensure your plans to work better together, work.

In a world where everyone will work in some hybrid fashion, you likely feel the mounting pressure to evolve your workplace culture. In addition to your traditional scope, you are now at the center of discussions on flexibility, productivity, engagement, connectedness, the physical office space and of course the technology you need to implement a new flexible work policy. Many tools solve some of these problems, like room booking and collaboration software. But none were designed from the ground up to sustain a future of work corporate culture. This challenge requires a comprehensive, unified solution explicitly intended to help HR provide in-office and remote employees the flexibility and engagement they want through shared authentic virtual office experiences. And because plans evolve, deliver real-time feedback through management and analysis tools, so you can modify and adapt.

Below is a rundown of 5 ways Kloudspot’s hybrid work solutions enable both remote and in-office teams secure and automated access to a digital HQ for work, collaboration, and communication. If you’d like to learn more about Kloudspot, the future of work platform, see our Kloudspot Hybrid Work Products page.

1. Start the day the same way, from day one.

Workplace culture starts at the front door. Easily create a custom mobile or desktop digital HQ with relevant dynamic content for each user, role, and function. Every employee or contractor starts their day sharing their presence. Whether remote or in the office, the employee claims a seat in a digital floor plan. Regardless of their physical location – a bedroom, kitchen table, temporary office, or corporate office, colleagues kick off their workday together with a view of the actual office. And human resource and facilities managers have a clear picture of employee work location preference trends.

How is it going? A standard greeting that’s often overlooked in the digital office. Depending on policy or need, Human Resources or managers can also use the start of the workday to survey their teams. Collecting valuable health and wellness feedback that could get missed in a remote work world.

2. Remote or in-office – work in one place

Once they check-in to work, in the portal, or the lobby, employees are ready for some focused time to plan their day. The portal is a one-stop-shop for all the software and applications your employees need to do their work. They can check in on their colleagues, their work presence status, availability, preferred communication tool, their own calendar, and all applications. Our APIs provide seamless out-of-the-box integration with your IT software and business applications.

Onboarding new remote or in-office employees is streamlined as their portal view is pre-populated with application and team member recommendations.

In a remote vacuum or under a constant communication barrage, it’s easy to get distracted. The meeting view on the portal home page surfaces all calendared tasks and key individuals so employees know what to focus on next. And they can jump into the required tool to get the job done right from the portal. No time wasted looking for the login page.

Employees can fine-tune their availability; unblocked calendar time can be protected with updated status notifications: like ‘deep work’ or ‘time for coffee’, when they feel inspired.


3. Streamline collaboration and discussion anywhere, anytime, for all.

At its most basic, a team communication platform allows dispersed or remote teams to collaborate verbally, visually, and through text. Kloudspot curates the entire meeting environment, using workflows familiar to employees.

Employees can book meetings with calendaring and collaboration tools directly from the calendar view. The portal is also bi-directionally synchronized with their work calendar, so whether they make a booking using the portal, or the calendar tool, the meeting is created and invites managed.

External guests can also be invited to join in person or virtually. On-site access is transparent and touchless with a QR code scan at a lobby kiosk. Wayfinding capability provided by kiosk displays around the site helps visitors find a conference room.

Remote and in-person attendees check into the meeting room and take a physical or digital seat. Because where you sit is important, attendees can read the room through a virtual 360 display of all attendees in their seats.

One-click access to any video conferencing tool integration such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams is available through the meeting invite.


4. Connect spontaneously with distributed colleagues

The Kloudspot portal doubles as an employee communications platform. Build out your culture across a remote and hybrid workforce with targeted news and messages and spontaneous social interaction. Recreate an immersive, energizing virtual campus experience for all.

There is no reason for remote teams to feel left out or disconnected. Inspire your distributed workforce with just-in-time news, messages, and alerts. Team managers, HR, and Workplace Services reach employees with relevant information and workplace updates. You can provide important information via SMS and digital displays through real-time alerting on footfall and density metrics. Programmed news-feeds and relevant just-in-time alerts appear dynamically on any display screen and via the Kloudspot enabled screen.

The ability to chat, call, and share video simply from one place helps employees stay engaged. Whether a random coffee chat or spontaneous post-meeting sync, employees have real-time access to any colleague, remote or in-person. Employees locate and contact team members and stakeholders with a visual office collaboration view. Anyone can pull up a seat beside a co-worker in the 360° floor plan and start a conversation with one click, through one of the many integrated collaboration tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, AWS Chime, Cisco Webex.


5. Real-time analysis and insights: Understand who, where and how you work

Is your future of work plan working? A feedback loop is critical to understanding the efficacy and value of the solution. With Kloudspot, you can understand and manage your workspace needs and design new employee experiences from a single pane of glass. Optimized for security and privacy, the robust Kloudspot Platform collects and contextualizes data.
We deliver real-time analytics and deep, actionable insights for virtual and physical space management, real estate planning, and employee engagement needs. The platform analyzes complex data sets, including time-stamped [temporal & bi-temporal] geolocation data, to better understand employee, staff presence, location, and movement, observe attendance and health and safety requirements, and determine collaboration needs. Automated insights recognize room availability, provide contact tracing alerts, monitor PPE compliance, and recommend relevant just-in-time messages.

Human Resources, Line Managers, and Workplace Services make better decisions with a comprehensive metrics dashboard:

  • Heat maps help understand which parts of the office are utilized and which aren’t. This is valuable input when redesigning your office space to be as effective as possible.
  • Housekeeping reporting shows custodial staff where employees were on-site during the day, enabling them to prioritize cleaning to those areas that saw use.
  • Health & Wellness survey summaries provide needed feedback to plan employee engagement interaction.
  • Productivity Tools metrics and analytics help IT assess the effectiveness and ROI of each service to make informed decisions about which service to promote and which to drop.


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