With Kloudspot, presence detection, passive tracking, real-time alerting and digital signage can be combined to create safer, more intelligent construction experiences and enable easy regulatory compliance, reduce accidents and improve emergency communications.

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Analytics Platform

Aggregate all visitor and site data in a single system. Know who is on site every day, track the location of workers, capacity counts and receive confirmation of proper PPE at registration. Connect all existing and new IoT devices and sensors to provide real-time and predictive alerts to assure safety and uptime.

Camera Analytics

Monitor the movement of people and equipment to help ensure health and safety. Empower workers and security teams to respond quickly and resolve issues swiftly and safely. The Kloudspot Platform gives you eyes on everything, everywhere, in real time.

Wi-Fi Portal

Create a fully connected construction site, allowing staff, contractors and visitors to get online seamlessly and securely. With everyone on your Wi-Fi, you can enable real-time asset tracking, seamless contractor onboarding and check-in and send instant alerts in case of emergency.

Digital Signage

Offer way more than wayfinding. Use digital screens to deliver precise and interactive directions to workers and assets on site. Disseminate critical information and safety alerts in real time, so you can protect people and property. With Kloudspot, digital displays make your site safer and more efficient.


Drive OSHA compliance and site efficiency

Integrated Wi-Fi and camera analytics makes OSHA compliance easy.  From people counting to PPE detection to material tracking and more, the AI and ML capabilities in the Kloudspot Platform make sure you know who is on your site every day – as well as enable real-time tracking and emergency notifications via everyone’s mobile devices.


Streamline registration and orientation

Bringing project managers and sub-contractors on site is traditionally a manual, time-consuming, in-person experience. Not anymore. With the Kloudspot Platform, Wi-Fi portal, and on-site sensors and cameras, you can dramatically simplify and accelerate the process via visitors’ mobile devices. This contactless experience also helps promote COVID safety protocols.


Take safety to whole new levels

Safety is your number one priority, and Kloudspot can help ensure that your staff always come first. Bringing together Wi-Fi, sensors, camera analytics and location analytics, the Kloudspot Platform can help you monitor PPE compliance in real time, at all times, and tracks adherence to COVID-19 protocols. Man-down alerts and other real-time reporting can show exactly where an incident is and the quickest route to get there to manage the situation. Receive and send emergency notifications in the event of a site hazard and direct workers quickly to a safe zone via SMS alerts and digital wayfinding.


Asset tracking and inventory management

With the ability to aggregate data and track assets across your site via the Kloudspot Platform, understand inventory levels of critical supplies and equipment – and get predictive, real-time alerts when you need to replenish. This can help your project stay on schedule, while you control costs.

Case Studies

Discover how organizations are using their data to create more intelligent spaces and deliver engaging, real-time experiences with Kloudspot.

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