Digital Transformation in the healthcare sector is largely focused on technology solutions that improve patient, staff and doctor experiences, increase safety, improve facility operations and ensure data privacy and security of sensitive information. Data driven analytics from the Kloudspot Platform provide actionable insights across the healthcare ecosystem from alerts to emergency notifications to facilities management and more. All while protecting data privacy and security.

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Analytics Platform

Aggregate and analyze a variety data from one or many locations to drive operational efficiency. Monitor compliance with sanitization schedules and health and safety regulations. Automate alerts to impact patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Camera Analytics

Assure PPE and social distancing compliance in real time, and enable one-click contract tracing. Track patient, staff and visitor movements at all points to increase security and reduce contamination risks. Detect and act on traffic and density patterns to drive operational efficiency.

Digital Signage

Leverage digital signage in public spaces to provide real-time information and updates, from ready prescriptions to patient discharges. Coordinate wayfinding, hospital information and alerts, TV programming, and targeted advertising, all from a single interface.

Wi-Fi Portal

Leverage your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to connect and engage with patients and visitors everywhere. By bringing together all your data, the Kloudspot Platform can deliver real-time, personalized messages and updates, as well as survey patients and visitors to help you measure satisfaction and enrich their experiences.


Facilitate health and safety compliance

The Kloudspot Platform, integrated with smart cameras and smart soap dispensers, can help drive compliance across your organization – from staff hygiene to room sanitation to PPE compliance and more. The platform’s AI and machine learning can identify patterns and trigger alerts in real time, assuring standards are met. Analyze trends by department, location or individual to help reinforce policies and increase operational efficiency.


Enhance the healthcare experience

Comfort. Cleanliness. Convenience. Top-quality care. Use data and insights from connected devices and systems to better satisfy each of these patient and visitor needs and run your facility more efficiently and cost effectively. The Kloudspot Platform enables you to do it all securely and compliantly, so that you can create more connected and positive healthcare experiences for all.


Ensure critical assets at the point of care

In healthcare, timing is everything. Your staff’s ability to have what they need, right when and where they need it can mean the difference in a patient’s outcome. With the ability to aggregate data and track assets across your facility via the Kloudspot Platform, you can understand inventory levels of critical supplies and equipment – and get predictive, real-time alerts when you need to replenish. This can help your staff maintain control in critical situations, while you control costs.


Real-time alerts for emergency response

Empower care providers and security teams to respond quickly and resolve issues swiftly and safely.
With the simple press of a button on their employment badge, staff can not only notify security if they have found themselves in a compromising situation with a patient or visitor, but security will be shown the precise location of the incident and the quickest route to get there to diffuse the situation. The same technology can be used to guide and accelerate staff and resources to aid a patient in need at the point of care.


Create the optimal environment in every space

Every space in your facility has purpose that can be affected by environmental factors, from temperature and humidity to dust, noise and CO2. With Kloudspot Platform, you can ensure waiting and patient rooms are comfortable, surgical rooms and medical storage are climate controlled, and that clean spaces remain uncontaminated. Tapping its rules-based engine, the platform can send real-time alerts if any metrics fall outside of compliance standards and ensure safety. The platform can also measure and understand power usage in every space and cue smart lighting and HVAC systems, so that you can continually optimize utilities costs.

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