Ready for expanded loyalty ecosystems, data informed, tech-driven guest experiences and beating the competition? You can be. With Kloudspot, aggregating real-time data from IoT-enabled devices, guest history, profile and behavior information to create engaging, personalized experiences brings guests back for more. And repeat business means more revenue.

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Analytics Platform

Aggregate all of your customer and site data under a single pane of glass and automate customer engagements in the real world, from preparing rooms with loyalty perks to delivering custom offers to optimizing staff assignments for big events.

Digital Signage

Personalize your customer experience and drive revenue. Greet VIP guests by name when they walk in, remind them of their tee times and dinner reservations, and serve them special promotions – automatically.

Camera Analytics

Manage PPE detection, track social distancing and inform targeted marketing and demographics-based campaigns. Get proactive alerts about potential restricted persons at the bar or on the casino floor.

Wi-Fi Portal

Allow customers to log into your Wi-Fi seamlessly and securely – and monetize your network. Gain key customer insights and deliver personalized marketing campaigns right to their devices every time they log into your Wi-Fi.


Create true VIP experiences

Recognize and greet valued guests by name as they enter the premises by combining facial recognition and other data sets to match guests with loyalty profiles to create engaged experiences. Staff can accelerate check-in, accommodate known preferences for meals, and take white-glove service to the next level.


Make promotions even more personal

Send targeted advertisements and offers through Wi-Fi portals and digital signs based on prior purchases and known preferences. From bar discounts to reduced greens fees special event prices and more. Automatically recognizing guests and delivering meaningful offers leads to loyalty, repeat visits and maximized revenue.


Proactively manage health, safety and security

Keeping guests safe is more important than ever. With ‘always-on’ PPE detection, temperature scanning, one-click contact tracing and safety alerts, staff and guests will feel safe and protected while on premise. Bring together all of your camera, sensor and Wi-Fi data into a single pane-of-glass within the Kloudspot Platform. And, with real-time active alerts, the Platform can inform staff about potential crowd safety concerns or underaged guests in restricted areas long before they become security issues.


Boost operational efficiency

Use camera analytics to track assets and optimize space by seeing how much time people spend at different tables or games, correlated with revenue generated from those areas. Adjust staff assignments automatically, in real time, relative to guest density and queue lengths. With data driven insights, the Kloudspot Platform delivers real business impact.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Kloudspot helped create a visitor experience that surpasses expectations, with intelligent recommendations that continually drive revenue for the Middle East’s largest theme park destination.

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