Intelligent Cities

Cities today are using advanced technologies such as Wi-Fi, IoT, AI and digital displays to connect, empower and engage citizens and visitors, monetize IT investment and stimulate economic growth. Discover how the Kloudspot Platform enables real-time data capture and analytics to power these new intelligent cities.

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Wi-Fi Portal

Bridge the digital divide in municipalities and cities, enabling online work, learning, banking, access to food delivery and city services, and much more. At the same time, Wi-Fi portals can generate a steady revenue stream from advertising, while simultaneously supporting local businesses.

Analytics Platform

Real-time data is the lifeblood of a smart city, and it can be leveraged in myriad ways to optimize and strengthen your initiatives. The Kloudspot Platform empowers you with one system to integrate and exploit data from across all your systems.

Digital Signage

From wayfinding and safety alerts to monetizing ad revenue and driving sales for local commerce with contextual ads, digital signage from Kloudspot can help you better engage, inform and serve citizens, tourists and businesses alike, in real time.

Camera Analytics

Empower law enforcement and health and safety professionals with smart video and analytics. With Kloudspot, you can enable everything from one-click contact tracing to spotting vehicles of interest and enforcing traffic and parking regulations.


Keep traffic moving in the right direction

What’s the best way to avoid traffic jams? Prevent them altogether. The Kloudspot Platform can power intelligent traffic management by bringing together GPS, camera analytics and digital signage to provide real-time traffic updates, predict traffic patterns, and help manage accident-related congestion and much more.


Make transit more reliable and comfortable

Intelligent public transportation with Kloudspot can keep buses and trains not only running on time, but more efficiently and safely. Integrating GPS, digital signage, camera analytics and other smart technologies in real time, the Kloudspot Platform helps smart cities create connected, rider-centric experiences, from service notifications to personalized promotions to assigning seats to maintain social distancing.


Dramatically reduce energy consumption

Smart outdoor lighting can save a municipality millions of dollars per year while also enabling greater levels of public safety and security. The Kloudspot Platform, integrated with a city’s sensors and energy grid, can automatically adjust lighting based on natural light levels. At the same time, the Platform integrates with energy grid sensor technology to monitor usage, predict outages, and alert teams to potential issues.




Create new revenue streams

With a custom Wi-Fi portal and digital signage, a smart city can engage with visitors and citizens to serve up targeted, time and place-based offers for goods and services that help local businesses grow. And public information such as weather and news can be monetized by local ad sales creating new revenue streams.



Case Study

The City of Erie, PA

Discover how Kloudspot and partner Quantela are enabling a Smart City that connects citizens with essential services and unlocks more revenue opportunities for both local businesses and the city itself.

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