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Delivering personalized, connected and safe experiences are now basic expectations of fans and visitors to sporting and entertainment venues. And happy fans return time and time again. With Kloudspot, integrating and analyzing real-time data from connected IoT devices and available social profile information increases venue efficiency, enhances fan experiences and creates additional revenue streams.
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Wi-Fi Portal

Create a richer and more engaged visitor experience. Use your custom Wi-Fi portal to send automated and personalized info or offers – and monetize your network by providing free and reliable connectivity to guests.

Analytics Platform

Aggregate all visitor and site data under a single pane of glass. Generate dynamic reports and alerts on people movement, queue length, crowding, demographics and more – so you can understand and enhance the visitor experience for everyone.

Digital Signage

Personalize and monetize the visitor experience. Remotely control every pixel on your screens and integrate your signage with other applications to deliver wayfinding and contextually informed ads to the right customers, at the right times.

Camera Analytics

Monitor visitor movements. Inform targeted marketing and demographics-based campaigns. Monitor the traffic and density of attendees and control crowds. With Kloudspot, you can have eyes everywhere, informing real-time decision making.


Keep crowds and lines under control

Ensure that all areas are operating at acceptable service levels, and that areas like walkways, seating zones and restrooms are not overcrowding. The Kloudspot Platform takes crowd control to the next level automatically detecting breaches in service levels, and performing a series of automated actions, such as redirecting attendees to different areas via digital signage and contacting appropriate crowd control staff to handle the situation.


Gather real-time visitor insights

Gather more data on visitor actions, so you can create more meaningful experiences. Uniquely combining footfall count, age group, gender, visit duration and repeat visit data, the Kloudspot Platform provides a complete picture of each and every customer, from where they went to what attractions they visited to where they ate and so much more. Pull visitors back in with targeted promotions and attract new visitors with the most popular experiences among your guests.


Deliver targeted, real-time marketing

Use the digital breadcrumbs your customers leave behind to create meaningful fan and visitor experiences – and increase conversion rates. While visitors are on site, the Kloudspot Platform guides them in real time via SMS alerts, targeted offers, and digital signage to attractions they might be interested in. This can be done based on their prior behavior, or based on what other visitors with similar demographics have enjoyed.


Help visitors find their way

Smart wayfinding helps attendees and visitors locate attractions, seats, concessions and more. Kiosks, digital signs, and SMS alerts can be enabled with real-time data to give them the fastest and best route there, considering crowd densities on the walkways and queue lengths.


Elevate attendee experiences

From parking lot to exit, understanding what happens to fans and visitors at every step creates opportunities to enrich those experiences with targeted events, offers and Information. And ensuring optimal staffing where needed creates positive, memorable experiences that lead to loyalty, revenue opportunities and lifetime advocacy. When was the last time your data did that?



Dubai Parks and Resorts

Kloudspot created a visitor experience that surpassed expectations with intelligent recommendations, while driving recurring revenue for the Middle East’s largest theme park destination – in a 30.6 million square feet perimeter.

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