Universally applicable & programmable digital display management platform

Can digital displays respond to situations in real-time?

Yes! With KloudDisplay's AI enabled digital display system you can deliver personalized experiences and relevant multimedia content in various scenarios in retail, entertainment and enterprise industries.

Cloud managed retail advertisement displays with situation awareness

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Smart display systems with API integrations to enterprise applications

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Interactive touch and voice enabled kiosks and smart display systems

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Enhanced Integrations for Enterprise Installations

KloudDisplay now supports native integration with ServiceNow, Salesforce, Kibana, Zoom Meetings, Google Analytics, WebEx and more!

Key Features

Dynamic, real-time signage control using sensors, situation awareness and software defined wireless.

Situation Awareness

Intelligently target advertisement based on location analytics

Multimedia Support

Support for HTML5 and multimedia content

Enterprise Ready

Support for Tableau, Elastic Kibana, Zoom Conferencing

Policy & Schedulers

Deliver Programmatic, Policy driven real-time advertisements

API Integrations

Design smarter customer engagement using social media

Cloud Managed

Update & Manage your signage from anywhere in the world

Extensive Content Authoring and Management Features

Easily design, update and manage content delivery and display. No technicians needed!







Support for multimedia formats and data integrations

Images & Video



Enterprise Apps 

Social Media

End Point
CMS Support

RSS Feeds

Overlay on
video feed


 Time & Weather Servers

Powerful, robust, enterprise grade hardware

Your search for advanced display controller and media players ends here! KloudDisplay supports true 4K resolution, graphics and web engines and enterprise applications and capable of delivering all types of multimedia content.
KloudDisplay Media Players and SoC App

Kloudspot Media Players and SoC App

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The KloudDisplay Platform

KloudDisplay can remotely connect to and manage digital displays located anywhere in the world. The content on the display can be changed based on time and date, location data such as crowd, gender, weather or other events using IoT sensors and data APIs. Displays can also be turned off and on as needed.

The KloudDisplay product consists of 2 parts

  1. KloudDisplay media player (available as hardware player or tv SoC app for smart displays).
  2. DisplayKloud Platform- the cloud based network management platform for connecting players to the cloud for a total display and signage solution
KloudDisplay is available as a standalone solution or as part of the Kloudspot Situational Awareness Platform.

Display Management and Reporting

Reports and Dashboards

View real-time view status of every device connected to your signage network. All aspects of your signage display are recorded- media playback, user activity and the device status (ON/OFF). The data is made available as CSV files for further analysis to improve your advertising.

Role Based Access Control

Create and manage multiple administrators to your signage solution with varying levels of access, from updating one or more templates to scheduling content groups or managing your entire network.

Manage Using Mobile App

Manage your day to day display signage updates using just your mobile phone. No PC needed. Choose from the many pre-built templates to schedule your images, content overlays or display real-time social media feeds, telecast live meetings and more.