Workspaces are where people spend a lot of time during the day. The environment has a big impact on productivity of employees and teams. For Workspace businesses, Kloudspot Platform is a technology of choice to analyze and  provide the insights required to create a productive atmosphere of collaboration, agility and engagement. 

Kloudspot can be used to measure occupancy levels, attendance, movement of people, devices and vehicles, interactions, network usage, data usage and the insights can be harnessed to understand how the workspaces and infrastructure is being used. This ultimately helps organizations make more informed, strategic and operational decisions.

Kloudspot can be deployed across the entire workspace - from the point of entry, across the entire premises.

Simultaneuous vehicle and employee identification

Using the power of sensors and video analytics, the Kloudspot Platfrom brings in automation to the doorstep! For vehicle identification, movement and parking, Kloudspot provides video analytics,  RFID and bluetooth sensor solutions.  Vehicle passenger counting and employee identification is possible through video analytics and sensor enabled employee badge tracking. KloudDisplay cloud connected digital display systems can provide time critical information such as parking bay availability and alerts. Real-time data is automatically delivered to security and staff at the right time at the right touchpoint.

Automatic Employee Recognition and Access Control

Kloudspot Platform can be used as an IoT based access control system.  Sensors embedded in the employee ID card or employee tags can be used to automatically detect presence at the door and open doors based on preset authorization rules. Access can be issued and revoked instantaneously without any human intervention. Fall back verification using video/ facial analytics is also available.


Indoor Workspace Spatial Analytics and Insights

Organizations can use Kloudspot for 'Workplace Insights' in order to:
  • Optimize space and infrastructure utilization using wi-fi sensors and beacon-based analytics to understand employee and staff movement.
  • Optimize seating and resource utilization.
  • Observe attendance at conference room meetings, optimize space and seating capacity.
  • Monitor parking usage and more.


Narrowcast Programmatic Displays

KloudDisplay can be used for narrow casting content at various locations within a given premises. It can display everything from product information to presentations, management telecasts, conference room occupancy, and digital signage for a company and/or product. Integrations with ServiceNow, Tableau, Salesforce, Kibana, and Zoom Meeting rooms make installation and activation a breeze.
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Wi-Fi Network Assurance

Kloudspot ensures network assurance through real-time optimization of network connectivity, data transfer rates and network security. We are equipped to providing end to end network design, build, implementation, capability building, and superior ongoing support. Kloudspot platform supports all leading hardware brands and network providers.


An extensible platform to meet your business needs

Kloudspot's analytics modules converse with the platform through APIs. Using appropriate data and algorithms, the situation awareness engine can generate meaningful insights to meet the needs of the application. Insights can be viewed through graphical user interfaces for rapid decisions or directly linked to 3rd party systems via APIs for a single pane of glass view or to invoke automated actions.