Slide Event Analytics Event Performance Analysis and Insights - as it happens!

Until now, event organizers evaluated the performance and success of their events using operations-driven methods, such as transactional data from advance ticket reservations, sales at registration counters at the venue and feedback from exhibitors and attendees. This data analysis happened at end of day or the end of event. However, event organizers and venue managers are looking toward disruptive technologies to improve event experiences and thereby increase event participation and ROI.

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9 Kloudspot benefits that can help transform your events!

Footfall Measurement

Real-time footfall measurements on premise by floor, booth, zones

Attendee Classification

Integrate CRM data for attendee classification in real-time

Attendee Behavior

Estimate attendee interests using path traversal and dwell times

Footfall Measurement

Estimate attendance at Keynote, speaker sessions and micro events

Multimedia Content Server

WiFi Guest Portal and CMS with Automatic Wi-Fi sign-on

Smart Digital Signage

Dynamically redirect movement of guests towards less visited exhibits

Optimal Network Uptime

High speed WiFi availability using our Software Driven Network

Notifications and Alerts

Reach out to attendees based on profiles, location within venue

Analytics and Reports

Gain insights from current events and compare past events

All this is possible using your existing network infrastructure.

The Kloudspot Situational Awareness Technology platform makes it possible to harness WiFi networks to trace and visualize attendee journeys within and around the premise, manage digital signage and also monitor the health of the wifi network - all in real-time.

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