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As governments around the world lift Covid-19 restrictions in phases, our lives and businesses will be different. By harnessing the Kloudspot technology, organizations can keep their employees and guests safe, while complying with the new health and safety regulations and protocols.

In response, the Kloudspot team has now included several Health & Safety solutions that will help you navigate the new digital world. Below is what you can expect from the Kloudspot Platform:


Monitor entry and exit

Use location awareness and people counting at entrances for no-contact access and to control numbers.

“There is a limit of 300 people in the cafeteria. Wait time 7 minutes.”


Monitor occupancy restrictions

Comply with regulations managing the number of people within a facility or space at a given time.

"Congestion threshold exceeded in zones 4 and 7. Take necessary action"


Safety and hygiene compliance

Automatically determine if the appropriate personal protection equipment is being used.

“Entry to this building, requires you to wear a mask.”

Social distancing

Real-time notification of compliance to social distancing requirements.

"Please maintain safe distance of at least 6 feet in queue."


Contact tracing

Visualize historical data to identify people who may have had contact with infected individuals.

“ET874 (who has reported positive) may have come in contact with these people this week.”


Safe route navigation

Automatically reroute foot traffic to avoid congested or highly populated areas.

“Please use this route option to minimize crowd contact.”

Monitor sanitization in real-time

Monitor the progress, compliance and efficiency of cleaning and sanitization tasks in real-time

"The washroom use has crossed the threshold. Initiate cleaning.”


Visualize Analytics and insights

Get useful, immediate insight on people movement, congestion and dwell time with user-friendly dashboards

“Footfall in Zone 4 and 7 are at threshold. Open exit gate 5, 8 and 9.”


Proactively display critical information

Digitally display guidelines and safety measures prominently around the facility.

"You are exiting a busy zone. Please wash your hands at the washroom ahead."

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