Use IoT to advance physical security

Intelligent monitoring, perimeter protection, vehicle & device tracking, tampering alerts, facial recognition

Use your network to transform your business!

Physical Security includes all measures taken to protect people, facilities and resources from damage or harm. To date, physical security systems include techniques such as security gates, video surveillance, security guards and more. Utilizing Kloudspot's IoT Platform in these approaches by using sensors, device tracking technologies and automated alert systems will enhance security efficiency.
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Kloud Vision

Kloud Vision - intelligent security system harness multi data correlation using automatic license plate recognition (APNR), radio device identification, mapping and tracking, employee work hours, time and other parameters can elevate physical security effectiveness. The Kloudspot IoT solution can be harnessed for automation and effectiveness.

Personnel Tracking

Are your security personnel available at the location they are supposed to be at? Or is there somebody at an unusual location or time? Kloudspot can help identify and track these in real time automatically. Breaches in security can be instantly notified by sms, automated voice calls, email.

Intruder Device Tracking and Notification

Kloudspot network can be utilized to monitor and identify security threats be it from unknown devices in and around the perimeter such as drones, unidentified laptops attempting to connect to the network, unidentified vehicles, mobile phones and other radio devices. Security can be notified in real-time about perimeter breaches and approaching threats through SMS alerts, automatic alarms. Automatic actions can be set through the rules engine using the admin interface.

Third Party Integrations

Kloudspot supports integration with facial recognition technologies and other perimeter monitoring technologies.