Slide Kloudspot for Retail and Hospitality Enabling the future of brick and mortar retail with Artificial Intelligence

Brick and mortar retail is not going away. From convenience and gratification to inspiration, customers are still deriving positive experiences from in-store shopping. Physical stores will become more strategically important in the coming years. The proof lies in the fact that many e-commerce players across the world are now opening brick and mortar stores - AmazonGo, Fabletics,, UrbanLadder are among the few. Brick-and-mortar retail is evolving in response to changes in the market.

Kloudspot® as a retail intelligence and automation platform is enabling the future of brick and mortar retail with Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Using Image Recognition and Data Science - we extract customer data, analyze it with user behavior and help marketing and product teams get actionable insights that improve customer experiences, drive conversions and reduce costs.

Today's customers interact with brands throughout multiple channels while they are shopping, whether it’s in a physical store, online, or via social media. Kloudspot aims at discovering these customers and connecting the dots between those channels at the moment a purchase decision is made.


Kloudspot converts the physical actions and movement of people in a given area into spatial data sets. We then apply our situational awareness algorithms to these data sets, extracting meaningful business insights on behalf of data owners and their customers. This maximizes conversion rates, audience segmentation and identification, sales force empowerment, and customer engagement.

Powerful features aimed at better customer experiences resulting in improved ROI

Be it transforming customer engagement, operational processes or business models - Kloudspot can power it all. The Kloudspot Platform enables multiple solution stacks that can help companies take data driven decisions in real-time.




Ad Displays



Visitor Demographics

Visitor population is never constant. Demographic information needs to be collected constantly in order to have a realistic picture of footfall to your business. Kloudspot's technologies help businesses understand their customers.

Demographic information includes footfall count, age group, gender, visit duration and repeat visit information.


Movement Analytics and Customer Segmentation

Kloudspot helps businesses target consumers based on what they need and not what they have already bought. It focuses on time stamped geo location data and extracts valuable insights using a variety of sensors (Wi-Fi, beacons and imaging sensors) to map demographical data with movement and better predict customer needs and design the delivery of services and content to them. This results in increased conversion and overall ROI.


Customer Engagement

Businesses can harness insights from Kloudspot's movement analytics to engage their customers in physical and digital spaces and empower their staff to provide better services. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Kloudspot platform provides  engagement automation capabilities at customer touchpoints via

  • Programmatic digital display systems
  • Queue management
  • Wayfinding and navigation
  • Social media, SMS and email targeting
  • Integration with marketing tools and enterprise softwares
  • Centralized Insights and Data Pools for strategic planning

Guest Wi-Fi and Public Hotspots

Enhance the guest experience by enabling multiple login methods for guests such as secure generated credentials, self-registered mobile number and email ID or sms based logins.Additionally, integration with Social Login supporting Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram enables you to engage with guests that have opted to share their public profile helping you to build brand equity and loyal promoters.

Wi-Fi Guest Portal: Along with the WiFi connectivity, Kloudspot enables businesses to deliver smart, meaningful information, entertainment and relevant advertising to their guests. Incorporate ad campaigns into the content, using rules engine and scheduler.


Enhance Operational Processes

The most sophisticated marketing campaign that pulls hundreds of customers into a store is worthless if long queues ruin the customer experience. 

Kloudspot's automated queue detection and crowd management uses algorithms that detect queues based on approaching patterns and excludes passers-by from waiting time calculations.