Slide Transportation Connectivity, Infotainment and Business Data Platform for Transport Operators

Kloudspot Platform for Infotainment

With the Kloudspot Platform and partnerships with content and telecom firms, we can help fleet operators with

  • Passenger Entertainment
  • Digital Screens and Signage Management
  • Onboard Services
  • Route and Service Updates
  • Data Analytics

We provide plug and play setup with customization in Wi-Fi Design, hardware and white-label portals. Our platform is versatile and can work on trains, cruises, buses, airplanes and taxis. The Kloudspot Infotainment System supports popular  third-party hardware.


Video: Kloudspot for Infotainment


Powerful features aimed at better customer experiences resulting in improved ROI

Be it transforming customer engagement, operational processes or business models - Kloudspot can power it all. The Kloudspot Platform enables multiple solution stacks that can help companies take data driven decisions in real-time.



Vehicle Connectivity

Info and Ad Displays

Real-Time Information

AI and Big Data Analytics

A Modular Architecture

The Kloudspot platfor can be tailored to the transport sector and designed to meet the various needs of transport operators. Its flexible modules are up to the latest standards and provide many interfaces for connecting screens, external Wi-Fi access points, IP cameras, a variety of sensors as well as guest portal access via mobile phones and smart devices.

Firmware Features

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Bandwidth Throttling and Management
  • Intelligent Load Balancing
  • Bandwidth and Data Quota Management
  • Web Content Filtering
  • Wi-Fi based content update

Hardware Features

  • Multiple LTE Modems with SIM switching
  • Dual band Wi-Fi 3x3 MIMO, 802.11ac
  • PoE Switching
  • Integrated GPS
  • 1TB SSD Drive in removable tray
  • Multiple IO Interfaces

Centrally Managed

The Kloudspot infotainment system can be centrally managed by fleet operators, which allows them to easily operate fleets from their office. Content can be assigned to specific vehicles or group of vehicles. Synchronization can be managed over mobile data networks and large files can be managed faster via Wi-Fi at parking bays and depots. The Kloudspot platform provides extensive API support to integrate with third- party ad networks, Content Management Systems, Real Time Information systems, Weather data and more.

Kloudspot provides

  • Content Management
  • Usage Activity Analytics
  • Location/ Position Analytics
  • Fleet data - position, data usage, connectivity status