KloudBot™ - New AI-fueled chatbot for Microsoft Teams

Quickly take action on real-time, AI-driven insights from within your Microsoft Teams collaboration environment.

Ask the new KloudBot™ from Kloudspot to find anyone or anything.

This new AI-fueled bot drops an intelligent agent on the other side of any query. Stop wasting time manually finding people or checking sensor functionality. A simple query via KloudBot for Microsoft Teams delivers the information you need – right from within your collaboration space.

The new KloudBot is available on the Microsoft Teams app store, or you can download it directly from within the Kloudspot platform.

Using the KloudBot app for Microsoft Teams, you can:

  • Find anyone, anywhere across multiple buildings, floors and areas.
  • Get footfall, dwell time and other real-time location attributes.
  • Assess the status of access points and sensors.
  • Use ‘one-click’ contact tracing to easily identify employee devices to ensure health and safety in the era of COVID-19.
  • Employee and data privacy is protected in this process.


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