Kloudbot App for Microsoft Teams

Fast. Accurate. Effortless

Ask Kloudbot to find anyone or anything.

A new AI-fueled chatbot that that puts an intelligent agent on the other side of a query. Stop wasting time finding people or checking whether a sensor has stopped working. A simple query on Kloudbot will give you the information you need. And the indoor map to get there!

Kloudbot is available on MS Teams, or you can download it directly from the Kloudspot platform.

Using Kloudbot app for Microsoft Teams, you can:

  • Find anyone, anywhere across multiple buildings, floors and areas.
  • Get footfall, dwell time and other attributes of a location
  • Know state of an access point or sensor
  • Contact tracing for any person on premise



What Kloudbot can do better than a human:

  • Provide around-the-clock availability
  • Instantly access people, location and device information
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Analyze data for better decision making
  • Save costs

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