Video data and camera analytics capabilities that enhance the power of the Kloudspot platform

In the Digital New Normal, seeing is much
more than believing.

Video is the key building block required to create real-world engagements that use data mashups to enhance customer experience, ensure health and safety, optimize operations, and increase revenue and profits.
The KloudVision video processing service ingests video feeds from virtually any existing connected camera and utilizing AI, derives deep contextual information including facial and demographic recognition, motion and emotion detection, even PPE compliance and much more.

Learn How KloudVision Can Help Your Organization Today:

Simple. Optimized. Secure.



Privacy and data security are our top priority. So KloudVision processes video on edge devices of customers’ networks, so no camera footage escapes. And our powerful, rules-based engine lets you decide and implement the privacy controls required for your application.



The KloudVision service is easy to deploy, and integrates with any standard network configuration. Think of adding digital brains to camera feeds providing the ability to analyze live video and images without the need for continuous human monitoring.



The enterprise-level solution uses deep learning technology paired with saliency-based processing to emulate how the human brain learns. This vastly improves location and event awareness and real-time notification for people counting, crowd formation, social distancing and PPE compliance.

The robust capabilities of KloudVision enables our customers and partners to develop a wide variety of applications and solutions across many industries including:


Detect PPE

Automatically determine if the appropriate personal protection equipment is being used.

“Entry into this building requires you to wear a mask.”


Maintain occupancy limits

Comply with regulations managing the number of people within a facility or space at a given time.

"Congestion threshold exceeded in zones 4 and 7. Take necessary action"


Monitor social distancing

Real-time notification of compliance to social distancing requirements.

"Please maintain safe distance of at least 6 feet in queue."

Comply with sanitization schedules

Alert housekeeping when washroom footfall exceeds threshold. 

"The washroom use has crossed the threshold. Initiate cleaning.”

Visitor demographics

Get a good representation of visitor demographics like age and gender.

"Would you like a smoothie with that?"


Emotion/ interest discovery

Pick up on non-verbal cues such as facial expressions for a richer insight into marketing effectiveness.

“71% have positive feelings towards the advertisement.”



Automatically reroute foot traffic to avoid congested or highly populated areas.

“Please use this route option to minimize crowd contact.”

Contextual ads and engagement

Run highly targeted advertising promotions and campaigns based on demographics and context.

"This bag would go well with the shoes you bought." 

Clocking in and out

Clock in and clock out is now simple and easy, and does not require any action from your employees.

"Employee 1234 has entered the building."


Queue management

Get real-time updates on queue length and current waiting time and use the information to reduce queueing time.

"Open cash register 7 & 8."


Asset tracking/ object detection

Keep track of assets ranging from trucks to wheelchairs with the intelligent location-awareness feature.

"Truck 2709 is leaving the yard."


Secure and protect the perimeter of school grounds, office premises or factory sites from intruders and unauthorized entry.

"Unauthorized person detected on terrace (or) Fence near Gate 7 has been breached."

The Kloudspot platform can work with any major network

Kloudspot can be deployed on all leading network brands and also any hybrid combinations.

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