NESIC to market Kloudspot cloud services in Japan

February 06, 2019 | Freemont CA, USA

NESIC ( becomes the exclusive distributor of Kloudspot (, the leading IoT powered digital transformation platform, in Japan. Kloudspot harnesses location information, then uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide real-time situation awareness capabilities to automate business processes. The partnership is effective from March 1, 2019.

The adoption rate of smartphones and mobile devices is currently 79.4% and is continuing to grow, both for work and personal use. Kloudspot employs a highly parallelized cloud infrastructure to collect the location information and data profile of devices to improve predictive modeling of customer behavior and intent. Kloudspot converts physical actions of people to digital data that can be analyzed in real time to gain business advantage. Businesses can derive efficiencies in office occupancy, customer movement patterns and trends, recognize intent, monitor resource usage and staff utilization. Kloudspot provides user friendly data visualizations such as heatmaps, scatter graphs, tree maps, footfall, and many more. Kloudspot also influences customer intent by providing indoor positioning and real-time directions over floor maps and engagement via smart digital display and digital signage to enhance end-user experiences. Kloudspot has opened a new era of digital transformation across all business sectors.

The Kloudspot Platform is network agnostic and supports all leading network providers including Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus, Aruba, Xirrus, Cambium, Huawei and more. Collecting data from these devices enables Kloudspot to determine location information from all types of wireless radio enabled devices (WiFi, BLE, RFID) such as personal computers, smartphones, tablets, and sensors, without the need for client applications to be installed on the user devices. This makes it easy for businesses to integrate Kloudspot Location Analytics and Situation Awareness on their premises with faster time to value and better return on investment.

NESIC will utilize Kloudspot to help customers create value in various industries such as enterprise office space management, commercial real estate, factories, event venues, hotels, hospitals, stadiums and public transportation.

Kloudspot Situational Awareness Platform

Kloudspot Situational Awareness Platform

“We are extremely pleased to offer Kloudspot Platform and services to the Japanese market in partnership with NESIC. Kloudspot operates globally in United States, Mexico, South America, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey and the Middle East. We believe that the adoption of AI to automate processes and transform business outcomes is inevitable. NESIC’s leadership in Network and Systems Integration is a perfect fit for Kloudspot and we are proud to be partners,” said Ravi Akireddy, CEO, Kloudspot Inc.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Kloudspot’s Digital Transformation platform, can now be accessed from NESIC. Kloudspot is known as a leader in wireless analytics and situational awareness, and will be an excellent complement to NESIC’s portfolio. This partnership offers strong support for our business,” said Osamu Noda, Senior Vice President and Member of the Board, NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation.

About Kloudspot:
Kloudspot is the leader in enabling digital transformation for business by creating intelligence and engagement systems over cloud managed wireless and sensor networks. By enhancing customer identification, understanding and analysis, Kloudspot customers achieve better customer engagement. Kloudspot’s Situational Awareness platform provides business value through analytics that convert physical actions of people and devices, IoT, transforming them into real-time digital insights that can be harnessed to deliver better customer experiences and create revenue generating opportunities both online and offline. Visit us at

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