Kloudspot Platform to Provide Location Analytics and On-Premise Situation Awareness for TOURtech Events

December 10, 2018 | Freemont CA, USA

U.S.-based companies, TOURtech and Kloudspot, have partnered to integrate Kloudspot’s Situation Awareness and Wi-Fi Platform into TOURtech’s Events. Kloudspot will provide TOURtech with location analytics and visibility into exhibitor performance and attendee behavior in real-time at their event sites while also ensuring high performance Wi-Fi availability at the venues.

Allen Cook, TOURtech’s CEO, says, “TOURtech is delighted with Kloudspot’s technology and ease of deployment, which is ideal for our crew. Through Kloudspot’s real-time monitoring and analysis, TOURtech will be able to enhance the event experience for exhibitors and attendees. TOURtech has been impressed with the Kloudspot’s team, with faster time-to-value for TOURtech and their customers. As an approved reseller, TOURtech will also be extending the use of Kloudspot to permanent networks in the U.S.”

John Bow, Vice President of Kloudspot says “This is a great opportunity for us to be part of the digital transformation of TOURtech. It really highlights Kloudspot’s ability to harness Wi-Fi networks to understand attendee movement, analyze intent and influence attendee behavior on the event premises. Kloudspot empowers event managers with a real-time view of event performance during intense periods when the event is live and involving hundreds of connection points and thousands of attendees and devices.”

And adds “The ability of Kloudspot Platform to also empower the event managers to engage attendees and shape the traffic using various on-premise channels such as smart digital signages, SMS and email while also automatically notifying on-premise staff with real-time data on visitor and crowd movement. And all this can be managed remotely from the TOURtech offices anywhere in the world.”

About Kloudspot:
Kloudspot is headquartered in Fremont, California. The Kloudspot Situation Awareness Platform is built on a Flexible software driven network with latest in sensors and wireless technologies. The platform is aimed at helping businesses understand what is going on around them in real-time. Kloudspot sensors convert and ingest actions in the physical world as data into the Kloudspot Platform which is then processed for Location and Intent Analytics. This empowers business owners with real-time understanding of customer intent and the micro-moments – allowing them to target customers with the right messaging and advertising at the right time and improve ROI.
About TOURtech:

TOURtech is the market leader in providing temporary WiFi, VoIP, Internet Connection Management, and Mobile Office Solutions. Featuring an elite team of event production professionals and expert network engineers, the company continually sets the bar for event WiFi success. TOURtech’s experience in delivering reliable event technology solutions is unparalleled.

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