ServiceNow Integration with KloudDisplay

January, 2020 | Freemont CA, USA

Kloudspot is proud to announce ServiceNow integration with KloudDisplay. KloudDisplay— Kloudspot's Smart Display solution—allows customers to build customizable dashboards based off of data from their ServiceNow instance. The customization spans across all the 3000+ objects in ServiceNow; and extends to choosing the right visualization to be displayed in KloudDisplay.

The supported visualizations in ServiceNow integration include Bar, Pie and KPI with more options to be added over time. Customers can pick a table, a metric of interest and a time period (Today, Yesterday, This week, Last week etc.) and display the aggregate data on the screen inside a template. This customization in conjunction with the typical features of KloudDisplay—like scheduling, mix-n-match content—makes it a very powerful solution for enterprise customers. Examples of a few use cases are: (1) Today’s incident or ticket counts grouped by the resolver (2) Last week’s asset details grouped by category. The possibilities are endless.

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