Kloudspot's Smart Display solution unleashes the power of Tableau

June 12, 2019

Kloudspot's Smart Display solution - KloudDisplay helps businesses unleash the power of Tableau dashboards onto their information delivery network.

Businesses today are continuously gathering data about customers and market conditions. Data visualization techniques provide business leaders with insights into new revenue and business opportunities and enable them to spot the opportunities in the mountains of data.

With KloudDisplay, business leaders can now share dynamic, interactive dashboards across to their teams providing real-time business intelligence and actionable insights as required.

KloudDisplay continues to focus on empowering businesses to

1. Make faster decisions: by enabling business leaders disseminate information to specific teams faster using cloud managed display screens.
2. Remove dependencies: on specialized software and resources by enabling support for popular software tools such as Tableau, Salesforce, Kibana, Opera and Vinsolutions.
3. Remove cognitive overload: on business intelligence teams by making it very easy to extend their dashboards onto the KloudDisplay digital screens through support for popular web programming and scripting tools such as HTML and Javascript.

With the Tableau integration, KloudDisplay continues to provide feature enhancements that save time, increase productivity, and deliver self-service analytics across entire organizations. Companies that already use Tableau or similar visualization software can now create and automate the dissemination of their insights to their employees - automatically and in real-time.

With KloudDisplay, businesses can get stuff done fast and done well.
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