NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation (NESIC) launches Symphonict, a multi-cloud digital transformation solution and service which includes technology solutions from Kloudspot.

Symphonict enables multiple cutting-edge cloud technologies over a network platform service enabling integrated, unified management and analysis of data to help customers realize their digital transformation goals.

For details visit the Symphonict webpage.


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Businesses that use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technology to reveal new insights will steal $1.2 trillion per annum from their less informed peers by 2020. - predicts Forrester Research

The Internet of Things (IoT) is more than simply having devices and machines talking to each other. In today's connected world, it represents a profound shift affecting the way businesses and society operate. And Wi-Fi has emerged as one of the most popular technologies for IoT and connected systems. Kloudspot partners with leading service providers and businesses across the world to drive new business. By ensuring tools and support, we are committed to help our partners succeed and recognize them as an extension of our team.

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