Introducing Kloudspot QuickStart™

One Package. One Platform. Infinite Possibilities.
Kloudspot QuickStart: Everything an organization needs to get started with the Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform, all in one package.

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The fast path to creating
intelligent spaces

What’s in the QuickStart package:

  • Digital display monitors (floor standing)
  • Kloudspot managed appliance
  • Connected camera(s) for real-time facial recognition and PPE detection
  • Connected thermal scanner for ‘no-contact’ temperature readings
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receivers to monitor the perimeter space
  • Subscription license for the Kloudspot Platform
customer spotlight

We set up the Kloudspot QuickStart bundle in our office and the next day, we re-opened knowing our employees, tenants, customers and delivery people all felt safe and comfortable in the office. Everyone is greeted with a digital display that detects PPE, and a thermal scanner that provides no-contact temperature readings.

– Harsha Pamulaparthi President and CEO of Standav

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform can be used in any connected space. QuickStart, which bundles our SaaS platform with connected devices, brings a new level of insight to your network data. It includes everything needed to fuel reopening strategies for businesses impacted by COVID-19, with features like location tracking, heat maps, PPE detection and more. Access our powerful dashboard to analyze room density and deliver notifications to your employees, customers, students, or visitors to your organization.

When people enter a space such as an office or school lobby, a camera detects PPE and a thermal scanner captures body temperature. Both are instantly displayed on a full size, digital monitor along with building capacity, and can trigger alerts such as when capacity limits are reached or there are PPE violations.
The Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform ingests data from connected sensors and applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to contextualize and analyze the data and deliver valuable business insights that trigger customer-defined actions.

Absolutely – you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of your existing infrastructure. Kloudspot integrates seamlessly with most standard network equipment and is easy to set up. It’s the best way to maximize your investment in networking infrastructure.

Yes! Kloudspot can be completely customized to your existing hardware solutions. Please email us at or reach out to your partner to discuss your needs.

The Kloudspot QuickStart Bundle provides a fast, affordable and easy way for any organization to re-open by monitoring key data metrics within a perimeter space such as a small business or office.

Any organization seeking to better understand what is happening within a perimeter space and use that data to drive engagement with constituents.

The Kloudspot Platform is SaaS-based, network enabled and cloud agnostic with powerful analytics capabilities that run on a variety of networking equipment. QuickStart is the all-in-one bundle for you to get On the Spot quickly.

Please refer to our Brochures for details. Simply put – all are modules included in QuickStart as part of an all-in-a-box solution.

Please email us at or reach out to your partner to discuss your needs.

Yes, QuickStart is available anywhere served by Kloudspot. Please reach out to your local Kloudspot partner or contact us for details.

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