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Partnering with RSA Conferences

“Thank you team Kloudspot for providing RSA Conference 2018 with deeper insights on attendee interests and behaviors, which inspired ideas on how to enhance event experiences and programming. With over 42,000 cybersecurity attendees at RSA Conference, Kloudspot was able to provide us with non-intrusive data on dwell time and path traversal of visitors from and to various booths and speaker events which was incredibly helpful. We look forward to partnering with Kloudspot for future events.”
Sandra Toms
Vice President and Curator, RSA Conferences

RSA Conferences, the leading organizer of events on Information Security is partnering with Kloudspot for deeper insights into event attendee bahavior and interests. Kloudspot enabled event analytics for the RSA Conference 2018 at SanFrancisco.

Kloudspot empowers Event Organizers with real-time insights into attendee behavior and interests.

Design and improve audience engagements and visits to exhibitor booths, keynote talks and other exhibits with Kloudspot's event analytics.

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