Business Productivity

The Kloudspot Platform can maximize your competitive advantage and increase the productivity within your organization and with employees by having always-on, real-time data and analytics, and the ability to integrate those with standard business efficiency tools.

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Proactive messaging

Use cameras, facial recognition software and IoT based access controls to offer personalized communications and demographic based advertisements. Receive notifications on footfall and people density across your premises and trigger alerts or guidance via SMS and digital displays.

Connect real-time, multi-source data

Gather and use real-time data from multiple sources. The Kloudspot Platform can automate routine tasks that include delivering real-time resource track-and-trace capabilities and analytics on the movements of people and devices. Access real-time heatmaps, footfall analytics, traffic movement in the office, live video feeds, push notifications and one-click contact tracing.

Enhanced internal communications

Maximize the impact of your business productivity tools. Our solution enables you to control and deliver prompt, customized messaging including data from disparate sources combined with rich and engaging graphics. Deliver automated, segmented content to multiple personal devices, displays, and more.

Monetized app integrations

Get more from your existing business productivity tools through custom rules and triggers to drive insights and action. Integration with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Tableau, Salesforce, and Kibana extends functionality and maximizes investment in these applications.

Smart digital displays

Narrowcast real-time notifications and customized messages direct to a device using location-based analytics and connected profile data. Users can trigger demographic-based infomercials or product/service advertisements, internal communications and more.

Visualize analytics and insights

The Kloudspot Platform delivers actionable insights and clear analytics in a single pane-of-glass so you can quickly and easily make decisions.


Maximize productivity

The Kloudspot Platform connects real-time data sets and insights across multiple standard business productivity tools. By having all of your data in a single pane-of-glass, without needing to stitch together siloed applications, your employees become more efficient and better informed.


Enhance existing applications

Kloudspot’s AI-powered Kloudbots can be quickly and easily integrated to connect with your existing business applications, enhancing their capabilities and monetizing your IT infrastructure investments. That means you can fuel the value these tools bring to your organization.


Greater communicati­on

With the Kloudspot Platform you can push notifications, messages, alerts and information simultaneously to devices, displays, voicemail, SMS, and more. Connect your distributed workforce in real time across communication vehicles from anywhere, and everywhere.

case study

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation

See how this information communication technology firm maximized communication, health and safety protocols across multiple locations using a digital transformation solution and service with Kloudspot.

case study

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