COVID-19: Health and Safety

From monitoring location entry and exit to ‘one-click’ contact tracing and assuring PPE compliance, Kloudspot can help keep employees and visitors safe, and in compliance with new health and safety regulations and protocols to tackle the spread of COVID-19.

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Contactless entry and footfall monitoring

The Kloudspot Platform connects RFID-enabled badges combined with real-time location data to provide continual insights on attendance and occupancy. Facilitate team collaboration with real-time physical and virtual seat selection and proximity tracing.

Attendance and occupancy

People counting sensors and pass readers together with movement and spatial analytics, offer continual and accessible insights. Through movement and proximity tracing, offer safer, intelligent work and leisure spaces and ensure social distancing arrangements are adhered to within your perimeters.

Smart digital displays and safe wayfinding

Narrowcast real-time notifications and proactively display critical information direct to a device using location-based analytics. Users can also track movement and trigger notifications or display personalized messages, such as to collect appropriate PPE, avoid a busy corridor, or enforce distancing measures.

Monitor health and safety metrics

Leverage the data found within your space and analyze key metrics such as real-time sanitization data, cleaning schedules, and temperature reading of individuals.

Hygiene and protocol compliance

Automatically determine if the appropriate personal protection equipment is being used, and manage entry and exit based on PPE compliance.

Visualize analytics and insights

The Kloudspot Platform delivers actionable insights and clear analytics in a single pane-of-glass so you can quickly and easily make decisions.


Enhance health and safety

Ensure compliance with new PPE, social distancing and other health and safety requirements and monitor, enforce and measure the impact of your initiatives. The Kloudspot Platform makes it possible to keep your people informed, engaged and protected.


Proactively protect staff and visitors

Use real-time and historical data to understand the behaviors and movements of people on your premises and adapt your health and safety measures. Keep employees and visitors on the spot with proactive digital display guidelines, wayfinding, customized notifications, and more.


Help your community

Monitor footfall, people density, temperature and real-time sanitization data from multiple sources to visualize and understand the movements, actions and interactions of people on your premises, ensure your premises are safe, and provide one-click contact tracing.

case study

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation

See how this information communication technology firm maximized communication, health and safety protocols across multiple locations using a digital transformation solution and service with Kloudspot.

case study

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