Integrations and APIs

Kloudspot offers a suite of AI-powered bots that enable fast, easy integration with most standard business productivity tools via open APIs custom rules and triggers can be created in the platform to drive insights and actions through these applications. This extends functionality and maximizes investment in these tools.
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The Kloudspot Platform can share Salesforce data in real-time to connected displays in multiple office locations, allowing you to maximize transparency and opportunities to collaborate with employees.


Connecting ServiceNow with the Kloudspot Platform lets you share ticket status updates across connected displays in real-time to always keep employees informed on key metrics, including open and closed service calls, leaderboard stats and more.

Microsoft Teams

Access usable data on workplace operations such as density and footfall within the Teams application. Use push notifications to report service outages and other customer information, and even enable private ‘one-click’ contact tracing to ensure health and safety at all times.


With the Kloudspot Platform any room can be a Zoom room. Easily schedule and join Zoom meetings from connected displays in any location around your premises.


Spot and resolve challenges in real time. With the Kloudspot Platform you can share Tableau Dashboards from Tableau Online and Tableau Server with any connected digital display, allowing data visualizations to speed problem resolution.

Social Media

Create and project real-time feeds from corporate social channels and hashtags including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Schedule your favorite YouTube videos or playlists to display on digital signage. Share news and updates across your organization, at events, in malls – or any geo-fenced space.

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