New AI-Fueled Chatbot For Microsoft Teams

September 17, 2020 | Sunnyvale CA, USA

Kloudspot, Inc., makers of the first network-enabled and cloud-based Situational Awareness and Analytics platform, today released KloudBot for Microsoft Teams, the first in a planned series of bots that integrate with and fuel today’s most popular business productivity tools. The AI-powered KloudBot for Microsoft Teams delivers real-time resource track and trace capabilities and analytics on the movements of people and devices from within the active Teams Collaboration space.

“Today, 91% of enterprise organizations use Microsoft Teams to collaborate,” said Uday Pyda, Director of Engineering, Kloudspot, Inc. “We are excited to enhance the experience users have within the Teams collaboration environment with our situational awareness and AI capabilities. It’s a great way to help organizations ensure a safe work environment as employees return to the office, and to deliver a great user experience.”

Benefits of this integration include ‘one-click’ contact tracing of people and devices to maintain employee and visitor health, and for instant location information. Additionally, with this new integration, you can broadcast important updates such as outages to multiple channels including digital signages across the company, and share real-time video feeds of guests checking in at reception which enables compliance with 6 ft social distancing requirements.

From within Teams, simply chat your query, in this case, locating Ravi. When Ravi is located, click ‘Contact Tracing’ to locate other users who came in contact with Ravi in the specified time interval and at a specific location.

With only recognized devices showing, privacy is maintained through appropriate entitlement rules to ensure health and safety if, for example, Ravi tests positive for COVID-19.

Other key features of the new KloudBot for Microsoft Teams include access to real-time heatmaps, footfall analysis, traffic movement in the office environment, status of access points and sensors, and live video feeds.

The Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Analytics platform ingests data from connected sensors including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, radio frequency, video, image, audio processors, IR sensors and more. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is then applied to help analyze the data and deliver valuable business insights that trigger customer defined actions.

About Kloudspot:

Founded in 2016, Kloudspot’s situational awareness and action platform enables the creation of intelligence systems and engagement systems using Wi-Fi and sensor networks. Organizations can leverage actionable insights to deliver compelling digital experiences and safety measures for their employees and customers. Kloudspot partners develop solutions that enhance a variety of experiences for their customers including health and safety, lifestyle, and workspace and education experiences.

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