3 Benefits of a Successful Hybrid Work Plan

Pandemic-shmandemic, let’s face it, if you’re in the right company, there’s never been a better time to be a knowledge worker!

Work has always been a source of inspiration, productivity and creativity. Today, the most modern workspaces are more dynamic than ever. They empower employees to “hybridize” by offering them:

  • the flexibility to spend some time in office, and some remote
  • the opportunity to collaborate with team members from all over the world, and
  • the tools to get their best work done.

A little bit in office and a little bit remote

A recent New Yorker article asked, “what’s an office for?” It goes on to answer… “it turns out that work, which is what the office was supposed to be for, is possible to do somewhere else.”

According to Gallup, the hybrid workplace – one that supports a distributed workforce of both in-office and remote workers – is now the expected future office. This changing office landscape – one we’ve never seen before – leads to an urgency within businesses to create environments that offer flexibility and support to employees.

What this future environment will look like is still nebulous. Ultimately, it depends on industry, company and management specifics. What is clear is that new hybrid workspaces need to provide for three things:

  • Productivity: Adopt the tools and strategies that will enable people to work efficiently and effectively
  • Flexibility: Empower people to choose personalization to suit a distributed workforce
  • Communication: Encouraging the partnerships that support teamwork and organizational culture
Hybrid Work places need to enable Productivity, Flexibility, Communication

Design the new

We at Kloudspot are on a mission to power a global hybrid workspace community that enables people to work from anywhere, anytime. With the right tools and insights, companies can:

Boost productivity:

The most successful workplace strategies embolden employees with the ability to work wherever they are most productive: in the office, or away from it. The pandemic served up the best time to redefine what high performance workplaces looks like. They have the opportunity to figure out how to best work to achieve their business plans and vision.

Create high performance work spaces to boost productivity

A Stanford study shows that a hybrid model can raise productivity by as much as 13%. Focusing on the right performance outcomes requires organizations think deeply about purpose, culture, flexibility and employee choice. It’s important that hybrid strategies are crafted around enabling productivity, not just policy compliance.

Kloudspot offers a platform that streamlines access to any cloud-based communication and collaboration tool. And brings a dramatic impact on efficiency and productivity. It integrates with existing infrastructure, hardware and applications to more easily and cost-effectively scale tools across spaces as needs change.

Double-down on flexibility

A workplace survey from Gensler found that the majority of US workers prefer a hybrid solution that includes a combination of time in the office and work from home. No single hybrid work policy that will be ideal for all teams and all workers. Organizations need workplaces and technology that can support workers no matter where they are working from.

Flexibility means that organizations optimize their spaces to accommodate the fluid mix of workers who opt to work within office or outside it. Technology and real estate choices are key to deliver flexibility and transparency as to who is where and when.

See how Kloudspot customer, Freedom Financial used the Kloudspot employee experience platform to design purpose-driven spaces and experiences according to teams, their interdependencies, the types of work they did, the support they needed and team culture. The business outcome of $10 million USD saved in cost avoidance underscores the value of Freedom Financials’ Kloudspot implementation.

Optimize work spaces to enable hybrid work models

Amp up communication

Companies can leverage data and technology to enable hybrid team engagement that far exceeds on-site engagement. Regardless of what constitutes “the office,” organizations have to engage and integrate a distributed workforce with proactive communication, smart meeting places and intuitive collaboration tools.

Cultivate thriving workplaces through a relentless commitment to employee engagement and wellbeing is key to sustaining team performance and culture within a hybrid environment. Leaders need to think about how they can help employees get the most out of their day while ensuring they feel connected to coworkers and the organization.

Freedom Financial also used the Kloudspot platform to usher in a digital and virtual cloud-based office. This not only connected their distributed workforce with the cloud-based tools that they needed, it also brought the in-person office experience to the remote world. Employee engagement grew by 13% after Freedom Financial deployed the Kloudspot platform.


Crafting an exceptional hybrid work experience is worth it. Kloudspot customers are already seeing the benefits that a data-driven, efficient, unbiased, inclusive and accessible solution can deliver. They’re seeing that exceptionally led hybrid teams have more engaged employees, more intentional and meaningful interactions, and, ultimately, better flexibility to integrate work and home life.

Our Digital Employee Experience platform helps you create a workspace that inspires your team, helps you build a more agile business, and provides you with the flexibility to adjust to changing business needs. With our platform you can create an office that maximizes productivity and makes the most of your business.

We’ve got more details on how to implement and evolve your hybrid work plans with Kloudspot.

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