Redefining the Hybrid Work Model

We hear a lot about the ‘hybrid’ work model. And mostly, ‘hybrid work’ has been defined as flexibility in where and when people work. But it’s really much more.

Humans are social beings. Whether it’s a bonfire, the water cooler, or a glorified break room with stale coffee and a microwave, one thing is for sure: People like to gather to exchange ideas, catch up, or simply socialize. This is especially true of the millennial workforce across industries. What they don’t want? Yet another video call. Or instant message. Or shared doc to collaborate.

Businesses today are on the hook to develop strategies that fuel productivity and collaboration while mitigating remote work fatigue and lost motivation. Done right, they can revitalize their workforces and create a culture of innovation—one that is safe, secure, and engaging. It all comes down to understanding what’s needed to create an immersive work experience that offers an alternative to the question: do I meet in person or attend virtually?

The new KloudHybrid™ solution from Kloudspot, does exactly that by creating an inclusive ‘work-from-anywhere’ experience that combats employee isolation and fosters collaboration while seamlessly unifying on-site and remote work experiences. And the technology behind it delivers rich analytics that can help organizations optimize operations and maintain the health, safety and wellbeing of employees.

Empowering Operations, Enriching Experiences

Features of KloudHybrid are designed specifically for collaboration and to cultivate limitless opportunities to connect. For example, employees can book specific seats in physical workspaces, whether they are working on-premise or remotely. For those on-site, KloudHybrid enables physical check-in on a contact-less basis, ensuring the health and safety of everyone. If not on-site, the person’s avatar appears, signaling availability to chat or collaborate.

This ability to simulate ‘being there’ is critical. Studies show that when people are accountable and visible, their performance improves because they feel connected and engaged. Fully integrated with the tools employees most rely on—contacts, calendar, company news feeds, conferencing APIs, and chat—workers in a KloudHybrid workspace enjoy an immersive experience that gives the sense of being in the office, or in the halls, together with colleagues.
And powerful, data-fueled analytics enable Human Resources, Facilities, and people managers to gain a clear line of sight on the security and effectiveness of resources and assets, both human and otherwise.

The Business Case for Redefining the Hybrid Workspace

Today, nearly 40% of workers say they’ve experienced video call fatigue. In addition, an Adobe study conducted by the Center for Generational Kinetics in early 2020 and later that same year reveals that almost half of U.S. workers would likely leave their jobs because of inadequate technology. The inferred message? Employers must invest in technologies that create work experiences that fuel productivity and help employees feel good. Because happy, connected and engaged employees do their best work. As Jeff Schwartz from Deloitte Consulting’s ‘Future of Work’ points out, worker productivity rises with more flexible ways of working.

For businesses, creating new work experiences affords a real opportunity to retain and attract talent as the pandemic lingers and many employees seek to relocate. It may even open access to new pools of talent, equalizing employment opportunities for many as remote work is here to stay. The shift in how we work has accelerated. And we see KloudHybrid as an exciting solution to help.

In Accenture’s Tech Vision 2021, two trends in particular reinforce this thinking. The first, referred to as ‘Mirrored World’, focuses on the continued merging of physical and digital worlds. Inherent in that, Accenture sees great opportunity for businesses to reap the rewards of associated data and analytics to shape new ways of operating, collaborating, and innovating.

A second trend centers on the concept of Bring Your Own Environment (BYOE). Think of it as the modern version of BYOD. As companies start to reopen and resume operations, they need to rethink the culture. Accenture urges organizations to apply BYOE strategies “to address the security ramifications of remote work, necessary cultural shifts and the evolving purpose of physical office space.” With KloudHybrid, you become the perimeter, and take the data within that space, into every experience: work, home, play or school.

The ‘Forever’ Normal Work Experience

Today, flexibility is expected and agility is required both by employees and organizations. For this to take root, businesses need to recognize the value of investing in technologies that empower, secure and engage employees and their data, with new ways to experience work. We built KloudHybrid to deliver that. Today.

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