KloudHybrid redefines workplace experiences by combining the benefits of flexible work location options with immersive, in-office simulations that leverage the power of data and AI to embed health and safety, flexibility, security and privacy into every work experience. All while fueling productivity and collaboration. It is the only solution that truly merges physical and digital experiences together with the radical flexibility embedded in the Kloudspot Platform and insights engine.


Experience the Future of Work – Today!

Traditional work options are limited to in-office experiences, remote video and chat engagements and the use of workplace productivity apps. KloudHybrid blends these together with real-time simulations to deliver work experiences that are consistent and engaging across physical and virtual locations. So, come and experience the Future of Work – today.


KloudHybrid at work

KloudHybrid™ at work

Key Features

Explore office spaces with immersive, 360-degree walkthroughs

Virtual check-in lets you join workspaces from anywhere and everywhere

Safe hot desking options including QR codes, kiosks and badging

Analytics and reporting on capacity, density, footfall, dwell time, productivity and engagement

Easily reserve desk space for visitors

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What customers say

“Creating a work culture where employees feel safe and excited to come to the office again, and also feel connected and included when they decide to work remote is a key priority for us. And with KloudHybrid we can deliver this experience.”

– Osamu Kikuchi, Head Of Business Development at NESIC

Case Study

Freedom Financial

See how this financial services leader improved employee engagement by 13% and saved the company $20M in facilities costs – as well as enabled a successful return to the office.

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✅ API integration with standard enterprise business applications

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Kloudspot for Intelligent Office Experiences

Discover how Kloudspot is redefining the hybrid workspace to fuel employee productivity and creativity.

Platform Benefits


Instant Workgroups
Birdseye perspective

One-click Interactions

Improving business metrics with rich data and insights

Integration with most business productivity and collaboration tools including Zoom, WebEx, Slack and Microsoft Teams makes it easy to share real-time information and updates across your organization.


Redefining the Hybrid Work Model

Businesses today are on the hook to develop strategies that fuel productivity and collaboration while mitigating remote work fatigue and lost motivation. Done right, they can revitalize their workforces and create a culture of innovation—one that is safe, secure, and engaging.

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