Every location, at every moment, yields an opportunity. We are how and where brands take advantage of these opportunities with their teams and their customers.

Brands need spaces to engage audiences, meet customers and transact business. Employees need spaces to think, collaborate and create. In the future of work, the ideal space for all will be fluid: physical, digital, or an immersive virtual blend of both. We understand the intersection of space, time, and action so that businesses can anticipate and deliver inspiring spaces for employees and customers anytime, anywhere.

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Tapping the power of
‘always-on’ opportunity

Kloudspot was born as a location-based services technology company in 2016 with an advanced, software defined Wi-Fi networking solution that ensured networks were easy to install, monitor, monetize and manage, and delivered Wi-Fi reliability at global scale. Kloudspot today is a robust, network and cloud agnostic SaaS platform that rides on the edge of any network infrastructure and connects via open APIs to key business productivity applications including Salesforce, Tableau, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Docusign and more.

The Kloudspot Platform uses data collected from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, environmental sensors and connected cameras, married with artificial intelligence (AI), to convert the physical actions and movements of people and devices into digitally treatable data, and extract meaningful insights. With these insights, it’s easy to develop rules that trigger engagements in the physical world. And the platform continually learns and optimizes those engagements on its own through advanced AI and ML.

While there are numerous use cases for Kloudspot, demand today is coming largely from organizations seeking to re-open safely where PPE detection, footfall and density analytics, contactless temperature scanning and secure, one-click contract tracing are critical, as well as from state and local governments with Smart City initiatives looking to ensure citizen and visitor safety, stimulate economic growth and monetize IT investments.

Kloudspot supports a global network of partners and marquis customers across North America, LATAM, Asia, Europe and MENA, and maintains key global alliances with Cisco, AWS, Microsoft, CapGemini and others. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with development centers in Boise, Idaho and Bengaluru, India.

Our Platform Enables

Health & Safety

The Kloudspot Platform can help organizations maximize safety for citizens, patients, guests, and employees, while complying with changing regulations and protocols.

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Our Platform Enables

Enhanced Workplace & Education Experiences

The Kloudspot Platform can help businesses, enterprises, K-12 schools and universities maximize their working and learning experiences, and assure comfort and safety.

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Our Platform Enables

Lifestyle & Retail Opportunities

With Kloudspot, retailers, stadiums, venues, municipalities and others maximize revenue, monetize their IT investments and create engaging experiences in real time – and over time.

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