The Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform can bring together all of your data and make it actionable – so you can create safer, more personal, more engaging experiences for everyone in your spaces. From data and video analytics to Wi-Fi portals and more, explore the products that make it all possible with the Kloudspot Platform.

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KloudHybrid™ by Kloudspot

Hybrid Workspaces

KloudHybrid redefines ‘hybrid’ work combining flexible location options with immersive, in-office simulations that leverage the power of data and AI for safe, flexible, and secure collaboration.

Traditional work experiences include in-person meetings, remote video collaboration, on-line chat interactions and using workplace productivity apps.  KloudHybrid blends these with real-time simulations to deliver new experiences that are consistent and engaging everywhere and anywhere you work.  Experience the future of work – today.

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Data Analytics

The Kloudspot Platform connects situational awareness technologies and real-time analytics in the cloud to provide deep, usable insights on everything from people’s emotions to predicting future needs. Analyze complex data sets, including time-stamped geolocation data, to better understand employee, staff and customer movement, observe attendance and health and safety requirements and more. With Kloudspot you can monitor and control your physical and virtual environments.

What customers say

“We especially like Kloudspot’s accuracy of location information, along with the footfall and time-of-day analysis, GPS, positioning of people & vendors, security-related data…Our biggest discovery was learning we did not actually needing the expensive new building we had been contemplating!”

– Mark Tonnesen, CIO, Freedom Financial Network

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Wi-Fi Portals

Kloudspot’s foundation is based on software defined wireless networks. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, Kloudspot enables enhanced network access and reliability through real-time optimization of connectivity, data transfer rates and network security. Our Wi-Fi solutions have been deployed in theme parks, hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, smart cities, stadiums and mining companies worldwide.


Video analytics

Kloudspot can securely process video feeds using edge devices to classify and contextualize video data streams. The platform then creates enhanced data mashups to enable real-world customer engagements, improve worker processes and discover new business opportunities.



Check out KloudVision™ video data and camera analytics for yourself.


Digital signage

The Kloudspot KloudDisplay technology can be applied and programmed to any digital display system for dynamic information services, reactive multimedia content and personalized advertisements. KloudDisplay enables advanced display controls and real-time interactions to maximize engagement and transform digital display experiences in retail, entertainment, enterprise and other industries. And, KloudDisplay supports native integration with ServiceNow, Salesforce, Kibana, Zoom Meetings, Google Analytics, WebEx and more.


Campaign Analytics

Create engaging and personalized digital experiences with KloudCampaign, Kloudspot’s omni-channel, multi-touch digital campaign solution. Find and unlock insights to increase revenue, enhance loyalty, and deliver unique and memorable experiences to people in any perimeter space based on location, behavior, demographics and connectivity history. All fueled by your existing network infrastructure and integrated with key business productivity tools such as CRM, SMS and more.

Kloudspot QuickStart™

All-In-One Bundle

Get everything you need to be on the spot and unlocking opportunities with the Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform. The QuickStart bundle is the fast, affordable way to create intelligent spaces through occupancy and capacity monitoring, contextualized advertising, personalized displays and alerts, object and PPE detection, people and device tracking and more.


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