Unlock the Full Revenue Potential of your Airport Operations

Using the Kloudspot LISA Platform airports can enable advanced digital solutions to streamline various operational processes and enable immersive passenger experiences in airports for better RoI.

Kloudspot LISA – The Platform for Airport Digital Transformation

Kloudspot’s Location Intelligence and Situational Awareness (LISA) is a Platform as a Service offering. LISA enables Airport operations teams to source critical edge information from a multiple sources like Bluetooth sensors, IP Cameras, wired and wireless systems, operations systems, etc. into a single framework. With a hardware agnostic approach, LISA enables Airport operations teams to leverage existing hardware investments and allow full integration into software platforms from ATRS solutions, AODB platforms and to building management systems through its comprehensive API offering.

Kloudspot LISA Platform

LISA’s Situational Awareness continuously monitors and analyzes various factors, such as physical surroundings, events, behaviors, and data feeds, to provide a clear picture of what is happening in real-time and what might happen next. Airport managers can anticipate and respond to changes effectively, minimize operational blocks, and maximize performance.

LISA includes a powerful computer vision analytics engine

Kloudspot seamlessly plugs into existing CCTV infrastructure to leverage existing infrastructure investment. Kloudspot’s Computer Vision solutions enables operational efficiencies, faster response times, predictive analytics and generate new revenue streams. Monitor and enforce policies, generate alerts, conduct forensic searches of historical video and generate data for simulations.

Some of the key applications include:

Perimeter Fence, Intrusion detection, PTZ camera tracking, Airfield, Intrusion detection, Foreign object detection, Unauthorized vehicles, Aircraft handling, Vehicle distance violations, Unauthorized vehicle identification, PPE violations, Fire Detections, AirportRail & Bus transfers, People counting & flows, Queues and wait times, Unattended objects, Foreign object on rail, Terminal, Passenger Counting & Flows, Queues and wait times, Unattended objects, FRS, Forensic track and trace, Firearms detection, Fire and Smoke Detection, Vehicle parking, Poorly parked vehicles, Abnormal activity, Unattended objects, Parking analytics, Fire detection, Ramp and Access Roads, Stalled vehicle or accidents, Vehicle speeds, ANPR

Key Out-of-Box Airport Solutions enabled by LISA

commandcenter for airports

Kloudspot delivers a comprehensive command and control experience

Kloudspot LISA integrates with various subsystems, such as the airport’s check-in system, security systems, and flight information displays and airport retail system and presents them through an immersive Digital Twin model. With an ability to offer a Command and Control framework, Kloudspot delivers Airport operations teams with the most flexible of management environment to suite their specific challenges.

  • Plan for the next day using advanced prediction algorithms. ​
  • Measure variances between planned and actual data and auto-generate notifications. ​
  • Plan staff allocation based on predicted load and optimize limited resources

Passenger Flow Management

Harness Kloudspot’s Computer Vision capabilities to monitor and manage passenger flow from the kerb right upto the aircraft boarding bridge. The Kloudspot Analytics and Insights dashboard provides visualisations of all key performance indicators such as passenger volumes, wait times at various touchpoints, automatic detection of queue formation and dissipation and identification of peak traffic periods.

  • Provide queue wait times at various chokepoints
  • Deploy airport and airline staff efficiently to handle passenger loads
  • Use policy driven alerts to resolve issues with efficacy

Authentication & Access Control

Improve passenger and employee experience with Kloudspot’s advanced face recognition software. Augment security operations with automatic detection of people of interest, providing access, generating alerts and notifications as necessary.

  • Facial biometrics for authentication of passengers and airport staff
  • Intrusion detection for perimeter security
  • Use policy driven alerts to resolve issues with efficacy

Increase Retail Sales

Enable digital services for Retail Shopping, F&B services and more. Improve customer delight at all touch-points.

  • Understand customer traffic to retail. Maximize retail revenues through designed experiences and analysis
  • Optimize staff hours for peak passenger traffic
  • Measure customer conversion rates using vision analytics

Smart Surveillance

Kloudspot’s intelligent security and surveillance solution can autonomously detect and identify suspicious events, such as loitering, unaccompanied children, unattended baggage, asset/ object detection and tracking and more.

  • Identify suspicious activity, record precise video snippets, generate alerts ​
  • Identify firearms, smoke, fire and persons of interest. ​
  • Conduct forensic searches of video simply using NLP

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Smart Parking Lots

Use computer vision analytics to streamline vehicle access and parking at airports. Identify vehicles in short-stay or long-term parking, loitering, fire safety and congestion in what is usually a sprawling parking area.

  • Automatic Number Plate Detection (ANPR)
  • Optimize parking lots by identifying poorly parked vehicles
  • Identify abnormal activity and loitering
  • Identify short-stay, long-term & abandoned vehicles
  • Fire detection
what customers say

“We especially liked Kloudspot’s security-related data, the ability to create and adjust business rules, the robustness of the analytics engine, and the large amount of analytics that can be gleaned from the system.”

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LISA’s Computer Vision AI capabilities


Facial Biometrics & People Tracking

Use facial recognition and monitor people movement within a pre-defined perimeter and across multiple geo locations.

Demographics Data Extraction & Matching

Automatic estimation of a person’s age, gender from facial images can help in better search and discovery when sorting large amounts of historical video data.

Footfall Counting & People Tracking

Detect footfall, people movement, behavior around predefined zones to identify product or service interest, intent. and such as events, ticketing queues, washrooms etc for safety compliance and hygiene monitoring.

ANPR & Vehicle Identification

Identify vehicles by reading number plates for access authorisation, repeat visit frequency count.

Virtual Fencing & Policy Authoring

Define camera based virtual fences and track every security event with great precision and reduced false alarms

Fire & Smoke Detection

Kloudspot Video Analytics can detect the presence of flame or smoke at its source. It can also detect reflected fire light when flame view are obstructed from camera.

Safety Compliance

Detect smoking, helmets, face masks, PPEs, uniforms for safety and compliance

Asset Tracking

Monitor position of fire-extinguishers and other safety equipment for availability and compliance

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