Smart Surveillance

Deploy intelligent, Computer vision AI-based security and surveillance system for human and vehicle events for indoors and outdoors use-cases using your existing camera and network infrastructure.

Born from the passion to provide real-time security intelligence

Kloudspot’s intelligent security and surveillance solution can autonomously detect and identify suspicious events, such as intrusion, tailgating, unauthorized presence, smoke and fire detection, and compliance events such as wearing helmets, PPEs, uniforms, and smoking in hazardous zones. The system can also read vehicle number plates, vehicle count, and parking violations.

Advanced people identification features include face detection and people identification services for access control and security. Our pre-trained Vision API models can also be used to detect emotions, demographics, footfall, queue length, social distancing and more.

The solution incorporates advanced vision analytics to enable security administrator to perform:

  • Free-form and NLP search on the videos
  • Find relevance with historical trace
  • Real-time metadata extraction and matching
  • Near real-time actions with declarative policy authoring

Performance and Flexibility

Organizations worldwide are choosing computer vision for security AI to keep their customers, employees, and assets safe. A single location may have hundreds of sensors and cameras distributed throughout the premises—far too many for human beings to monitor themselves. Kloudspot’s sophisticated security AI systems can analyze the data from these devices in real-time, sending out an alert if they detect something amiss.

Kloudspot Platform offers the performance, and flexibility you need by extending vision computing capabilities on the Edge, On the Cloud, and On-premise.

Security and Surveillance Dashboards
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“We especially liked Kloudspot’s security-related data, the ability to create and adjust business rules, the robustness of the analytics engine, and the large amount of analytics that can be gleaned from the system.”

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Security & Surveillance Features


Virtual Fencing & Policy Authoring

Define camera based virtual fences and track every security event with great precision and reduced false alarms

Facial Biometrics & People Tracking

Use facial recognition and monitor people movement within a pre-defined perimeter and across multiple geo locations.

Demographics Data Extraction & Matching

Automatic estimation of a person’s age, gender from facial images can help in better search and discovery when sorting large amounts of historical video data.

Fire & Smoke Detection

Kloudspot Video Analytics can detect the presence of flame or smoke at its source. It can also detect reflected fire light when flame view are obstructed from camera.

ANPR & Vehicle Identification

Identify vehicles by reading number plates for access authorisation, repeat visit frequency count.

Crowd Detection & Footfall

Detect crowding of predefined zones such as events, ticketing queues, washrooms etc for safety compliance and hygiene monitoring.

Safety Compliance

Detect smoking, helmets, face masks, PPEs, uniforms for safety and compliance

Asset Tracking

Monitor position of fire-extinguishers and other safety equipment for availability and compliance

Building Perimeter Security

Be it a virtual perimeter or a real one; both need solid security systems to guard them against any threats. Use your existing CCTV camera feeds with Kloudspot’s intrusion detection system to secure your premises.

  1. Monitor and secure your perimeter in real-time and alert security personnel during any suspicious activities/incidents
  2. Classify human presence, identify vehicles and other objects
  3. Integrate facial biometrics to track movement and presence of the individuals
  4. Historical view of individuals or vehicle presence in one or more managed locations
  5. Integrate with turnstiles and elevators to manage access control
  6. Detect fire, smoking violations, crowding, queues, and more
  7. Monitor crowding of people or footfall threshold violations for safety and compliance

Construction Sites and OSHA Safety Compliance

Kloudspot has built visual AI models to support clients in construction and real-estate industry with safety and security compliance monitoring, including Helmet and PPE Detection, Worker and OSHA Compliance, Mask Detection, Facial Authentication and Presence Monitoring.

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Banks, Offices and ATMs

Banks, offices, and ATMs need solid security systems to guard against threats. Deploying Kloudspot on existing camera infrastructure as an aftermarket intelligent vision system minimizes infrastructure costs. The system can detect suspicious activity within the premises to identify possible criminal intent. For example, by using shared facial biometrics across ATMs, an illegal skimming of an ATM can be tracked and automatically recognized if seen at another location, and security staff can be alerted.

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Security with ultimate flexibility

Kloudspot believes each and every customer should make the call about how to manage security and privacy, in accordance with the needs of its people and in compliance with the regulations that govern its operations. You can be as “open” or “closed” as you’d like with data about your constituents’ “digital twins.” We explicitly set up a configuration to only collect the data you need. You can make changes at any time, as evolving needs and regulations dictate. We guarantee that flexibility.

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