Intelligent Workspace Solutions

The workspace is now anywhere and everywhere. Create intelligent, safe physical environments, and collaborative virtual work experiences with the Kloudspot Platform. And create engaging, hybrid work experiences with KloudHybrid.

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Hybrid Work Model

Go beyond providing employees with physical work location flexibility with KloudHybrid™. Workers can virtually join colleagues in a physical workspace for real-time collaboration experiences that transcend both video meetings and traditional work management and digital workspace solutions.

Attendance and occupancy

RFID-enabled badges combined with real-time location data provide continual insights on attendance and occupancy. Facilitate team collaboration with real-time physical and virtual seat selection and proximity tracing.

Smart Digital displays and wayfinding

Narrowcast timely messages, customized notifications and broadcast team conference calls and emergency alerts. Employees and visitors can get directions with distance estimates to other employees, meeting rooms, printer bays and more.

Contactless entry and footfall monitoring

Connected cameras and IoT device data enable visitor and asset tracking as well as entry, exit and capacity monitoring. Configure alerts for footfall, queue length and other metrics across all spaces for a better employee experience.

Meeting room enhancements

Deliver comfortable, customized meeting experiences through data-informed insights that monitor lighting, energy consumption and HVAC air quality.

Optimized energy utilization

Monitor energy consumption and use spatial analytics to drive operational efficiencies and cost savings across your organization.


Enhance health and safety

With Kloudspot, you set the rules. And the platform ensures compliance. From PPE and temperature scanning to footfall and social distancing, organizations use Kloudspot to keep office environments safe and healthy so employees, vendors and guests are always informed, engaged and protected.


Maximize office efficiency

Use spatial and footfall analytics to determine how to best arrange people and assets to best utilize your spaces – not to mention reduce energy consumption with smart heating. With the Kloudspot Platform, you can make so much more possible.


Boost productivity and engagement

Keep your people connected with reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and location-based communications, both on and off premises. Livestream and personalize messages and alerts. The Kloudspot Platform gives you the power to help you create the right environment for your people to do their best work.

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Freedom Financial Network

See how Kloudspot improved employee engagement by 13% and saved $20M in facilities costs for this financial services leader – while enabling a successful return to the office strategy.

case study

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