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Powered by advanced technologies in IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Kloudspot’s Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform delivers location-based analytics and insights to monetize and fuel your existing IT investments.

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Platform Benefits

Technology agnostic

Maximize your investments in IT infrastructure. Make changes any time – no vendor ‘lock-in’ or costly customization required. Our open APIs enable fast integration with standard business productivity tools and work with any network equipment and connected devices.

Easy to manage

Easily manage your Wi-Fi and sensor network. Update, monitor and track devices within a perimeter space. View real-time and historical data and easily modify your network configurations from anywhere.

Airtight security

Riding on the edge of any standard network, the open engine in the Kloudspot Platform lets you control security policies. Automatic updates ensure users are protected from malware.

Customizable privacy

Privacy settings are customizable to industry and compliance requirements. You can be as “open” or “closed” as you’d like to be and have flexibility to change at any time.

Total situational awareness

Brings together all of your location data to provide total situational awareness in real-time, all the time. It can also trigger automated, ‘smart’ actions using rules-based artificial intelligence.

Continuous improvement

Using a proprietary advanced AI engine, the Kloudspot Platform continuously learns and optimizes itself over time mitigating risk so you can seize opportunities in every scenario.


One platform, limitless opportunities

The Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform can bring together all of your data and make it actionable – so you can create safer, more personal, more engaging experiences for everyone in your spaces. From data and video analytics to Wi-Fi portals and more, explore the products that make it all possible with the Kloudspot Platform.

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Step 1
How it Works

Cognition and data

The Kloudspot Platform ingests data from all connected sources, gathering real-time information on the physical actions of people and devices – providing total situational awareness of what’s happening in a perimeter, then converts the data into contextual location intelligence.

Step 2
How it WOrks

Situational awareness and action

Applying advanced AI and machine learning, the data is contextualized and user-defined rules trigger actions in the physical world. And, security and privacy controls are customized to your requirements.

Step 3
How it WOrks

Measuring effective­ness

The Kloudspot Platform is continuously learning. It collects feedback and results to improve location intelligence for future situations and interactions.

Step 4
How it WOrks

Powerful predictions

Based on its learnings, the platform’s AI can predict intent, anticipate actions and act proactively to engage constituents with customized experiences and engagements. From safety to targeted offers and more.


Integrations and APIs


Major networks

Kloudspot rides on the edge of existing network infrastructure, and supports all leading brands and most hybrid combinations.

Enterprise Applications

The Kloudspot Platform can integrate with wide range of business productivity tools, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Tableau and more.

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