Sustainability Development Goals and the Kloudspot Platform

At Kloudspot, we are using innovation to accelerate sustainability commitments that create measurable value for business, society and our planet. We are working our clients towards extending our situational awareness platform to provide additional insights to our customers to achieve their sustainability goals towards electricity, water and resources utilization and staffing resource management.

Helping clients become environmentally aware

Customers of Kloudspot are using business intelligence to not only save on costs but to also become environmentally responsible companies. Not only do green initiatives save on costs, reuse resources and meet compliance requirements, but they also help to create brand recognition among customers.

The power of using business intelligence to help decision makers keep track of performance, and customer behavioural changes, make it a complementary approach as demonstrated by the desire by many companies to become more eco-friendly. The Kloudspot Situational Awareness platform monitors footfall and customer behavior on-premise enabling businesses to save money by lowering the use of energy and power is more important. Additionally, the technology adoption also helps improve internal processes. This has broader effects on the environment at large.


Sustainability insights using the Kloudspot Platform

88% of consumers want companies to help them improve their social and environmental footprint. There are plenty of ways you can promote and encourage environmental sustainability with your customers. In fact, Kloudspot can provide additional location, movement and behavioral data insights to help businesses achieve some of the sustainability goals such as

  1. Savings in energy use in lighting, HVAC etc.,
  2. Reduce waste to landfill by promoting responsible consumption of disposables
  3. Reduce water usage through insights into usage of washrooms, sanitization, dirty wheels on vehicles etc.,
  4. Reduce pollution via printed waste and plastics by switching to digital displays and signage
  5. Achieve carbon emissions cuts

Sustainability in Digital Advertising & Signage

Digital marketing significantly reduces carbon footprint and eliminates traditional marketing strategies that are harmful to the environment. Today, millennials and Gen Zers lead the sustainability movement and will not back down from establishing a greener planet. Including sustainability in marketing strategies ensures you cater to this large pool of potential customers.


Business Productivity

The Kloudspot Platform can maximize your competitive advantage and increase the productivity within your organization and with employees by having always-on, real-time data and analytics, and the ability to integrate those with standard business efficiency tools.


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