NEC Networks & Systems Integration Corporation And Kloudspot Bring Advanced Hybrid Work Environments to Employees, Partners & Customers

July 27, 2021 | Sunnyvale, CA, USA

NEC Networks & Systems Integration Corporation (NESIC) has selected the KloudHybrid™ solution to deliver advanced hybrid work experiences to its employees, customers and partners.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, knowledge workers have become accustomed to having flexibility in where, when and how they work. Splitting time between the office and home has become the new normal, according to a new PwC report, It’s Time to Reimagine Where and How Work Will Get Done. These changes in employee work styles and expectations are forcing companies to re-think work environments to create safer, more connected and more productive work experiences.

Osamu Kikuchi, Head of Business Development for NESIC commented, “to stay ahead of the innovation curve, NESIC is committed to bringing the most innovative, new world work environments to our employees, customers and partners. With Kloudspot we are improving the way the organization works — specifically in a ‘new normal era’ where innovation, communication and productivity are more than ever essential. We are thrilled to partner with a company that embodies best-in-class thinking and technology delivery.”

“Kloudspot’s award-winning situational awareness platform and hybrid work solutions redefine ‘hybrid’ work environments as more than just flexible work location options combined with collaboration tools,” said Guillermo Diaz, Jr., Kloudspot CEO. “Our solutions provide world-class, enriched experiences where all users engage, collaborate and work in customized, virtual work spaces that simulate and blend with real-world, brick-and-mortar office spaces to ensure health and safety, deliver flexibility and fuel productivity.”

Unique to NESIC, the company is leveraging KloudHybrid™ to deliver market-leading:

  • Support for the development of young employees and international cross-organizational teams;
  • Development of a “One Globe Office” that is globally connected across organizations, companies, and borders to ensure innovation;
  • Development of a “Virtual Co-Creation Lab,” that integrates people, places, and digital technology for its global customer base;
  • Customized shared offices that drive colleague interaction while protecting employee safety and health; and,
  • Development of the Nihonbashi Innovation Base Office Demonstration to support team infrastructure across devices, software, engagement and policies.

With KloudHybrid, workers can virtually join colleagues, partners and customers in a physical workspace for real-time collaboration experiences that transcend both video meetings and traditional work management and digital workspace solutions. The Kloudspot Platform and KloudVision™ combine real-time location intelligence and video analytics to securely integrate unique safety features – such as occupancy monitoring for social distancing, automated triggers and PPE compliance monitoring.

Additionally, by leveraging Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, smart cameras, and the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the solution converts the physical actions and movements of people and devices into secure, digitally treatable data to extract meaningful insights. With these insights, organizations can comply with new health and safety requirements and optimize physical spaces to create smarter and safer, hybrid environments that enable real-time virtual and physical collaboration anywhere.

About Kloudspot
Founded in 2016, Kloudspot helps businesses create Intelligence Systems and Engagement Systems over cloud-managed Wi-Fi and sensor networks. The Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform provides companies with actionable insights to enable compelling digital experiences and safety measures for their employees and customers. Kloudspot partners develop solutions that enhance health and safety, lifestyle, and workspace and education experiences

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