The Kloudspot platform

Kloudspot is an intelligence and engagement platform created over cloud managed wireless and sensor networks

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Kloudspot platform converts physical movement and activity of people and devices into digital data streams. This stream is analyzed to obtain real-time understanding of the situation. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is used to predict future actions and needs. This insight allows businesses design actions and responses to the situation. The reaction is again measured for impact and to refine the system further.


The Kloudspot platform is being used by various industries including retail, hospitality, workspaces, events and venues, themeparks, enterprises, farming and public sector agencies.

Kloudspot enables data-driven strategic decision making

Powered by advanced technologies in IoT, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Kloudspot is powering digital transformations across the globe.
The Kloudspot Platform DNA

IOT Gateway

Intelligent and secure IoT connectivity from edge to cloud

Big-Data Analytics

Large-scale, multi-source data processing for real-time analysis

SituationAL Awareness

Obtain a real-time, dynamic view of your business

Network Intelligence

Visibility across network, into any service and connected devices

Machine Learning

Use data sets to build smarter, continuous improvements


Near real-time video analytics for AI based faster decision making

Kloudspot can help you deliver the best end customer experience over WiFi. Kloudspot Automation can enable companies to refocus their people on more strategic tasks.

  • Meet your customers where they are.
  • Interact with your customers over mobile, signage displays and kiosks as they journey on your network.
  • Get real-time Kloudspot insight into the experience of WiFi users at each touchpoint.
  • Dramatically increase the effectiveness and impact of your brand by offering your customers the right information and interactions.
  • Analyze how they react to your product, brand, business or service.

So, what's in the Kloud?


The Kloudspot platform can be envisioned as a three layer architecture. A powerful platform supporting a range of services that can be used to build transformational solutions for various industries. Designed to support all brands of networks and all forms of hybrid Wi-Fi networks.

It provides enterprise grade reliability, scalability and extensibility for your WiFi network. Kloudspot platform can be integrated with your existing WiFi solution freeing you from costly hardware upgrades. KloudAware, the situation awareness layer helps you engage customers in meaningful ways, thus transforming your network from a cost center to a revenue generator.


Enterprise-grade Cloud Architecture

With Kloudspot you get a powerful platform as a service that leverages the latest in sensor, network, and software technologies that gathers, transmits, and creates actionable intelligence from the physical world. A variety of wireless technologies underpin deep indoor and outdoor use cases, enabling cost-effective solutions suitable for a wide range of applications.

We offer a wide range of services, from connectivity as a service to full stack device and application solutions.

Your Workflows. Your Kloudspot.

Centrally Managed
  • Easily manage your wifi and sensor network
  • Update, monitor and track your devices
  • View real-time and historical data
  • Modify your network configurations from anywhere

Reliable and Secure

  • KloudSheild, (Kloudspot’s security layer) ensures that your network is always secure.
  • Kloudspot’s reliable Access points (APs) ensure reliable connectivity.
  • Automatic updates ensure that your users are protected from malware.

API Support

  • Kloudspot makes it easy to integrate with third party systems using powerful, secure Web APIs.

Kloudspot Platform is network agnostic

The Kloudspot platform supports all leading network brands and can also been implemented on large networks that combine multiple brands. Kloudspot is designed to work on all existing network hardware including...


Kloudspot also provides access points, sensors and display media players

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